W -Water Flow!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I


 Be it the gurgling calmness or the gushing fiesta, the sounds of water soothe the mind. Stand by the shore and observe the flow of water of the stream or river. They are in a continuous forward motion. Through the twists and turns, curves and slopes they meander their direction, but never stop. Its persistent temperament helps it to negotiate its way through the obstacles on its path, before finally merging into the ocean. When the terrain is conducive, their flow is smooth and fast paced. When hit by huge boulders or rocks they negotiate their way around them, without conflict or complaint, smoothening the harsh rocky surface of the stones.

Through its steady flow, it teaches us lessons in persistence. No matter what barriers obstruct its path, it continues its onward journey. Often, life too inundates us with many challenges. Using the same analogy, it is up to us to forge ahead and not wallow in the past or unduly worry about the future. It is practical to address the issue at hand to our best ability and move on.

“A river cuts through the rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” Jim Watkins.

Have you tried meditating to the sounds of water? If not, do try it. Researchers believe that the sound of water can guide the neuronal waves in our brain, calming it down considerably.

meandering flow

reflective lessons for life

progressive journey

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35 thoughts on “W -Water Flow!”

  1. Beautiful message Radhika. Persistence gets us through a lot of hardships and no bigger and better teacher than nature, we only need to let go of being “water proof” and learn to meander like the gurgling waters. 👌
    W – Wonderful ❤️

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  2. Beautifully put Radhika! Yes I too love the sound of flowing water (not from the tap!!). There is so much we can learn from nature.. just need to think and observe and implement! Good going on the AtoZ! Have a good day.

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  3. Hi Radhika,
    The quote — It was introduced to me by my dad when I was in 4th standard. And yes, I have mediated to the sounds of water and it is quite soothing and relaxing, it is like you are teleported into a serene place where there is a waterfall, a river flowing, birds chirping, and just you… the wandering soul in search of eternal peace that resides in you…
    Beautiful post, and a heart-warming tribute to the nature’s most needed and most precious element on the Earth.

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    1. Swati, that’s so wonderful. I am so happy that you’ve experienced the serene paradise through your meditation. Stay blessed my friend and thanks a bunch for all the encouragement and support you have showered my work with ❤️


  4. “meandering flow
    reflective lessons for life
    progressive journey”
    Absolutely loved this poem, I had to repeat it. The sound of water is how I could spend the entire life go by – just watching, listening and sensing it. The quote you picked is also perfect. Resilience comes from being in continuous flow indeed.

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