Z – Zen!

A to Z challenge – Nature and I

Today is the last post of the A to Z challenge. This journey with nature has mellowed me, opened up layers of my personality hidden deep, helped me release my emotional baggage and accept life and its offerings with grace. I am thankful that my connect with nature has been an enlightening experience for me.

Yoga, Woman, Lake, Outdoors, Lotus Pose, Meditation

In the lap of nature, the connect ignites a trigger

the mind delves deeper within the confines of self,

arriving at the inner unexplored sanctum.

The layers of ignorance unravel slowly,

 multitude of thoughts, gently settle into sedation.

Bedazzled by the radiance of the mystic aura,

it revels under the new found feeling of bliss,

soaking in a beauteous facet emerging.

Tuning in to the faint susurrations of the cosmic energy,

floating in the stillness of that embryonic light,

 the soul listens to the sounds of silence,

 resonating with vibrations of infinite peace.

You can read my earlier posts of the challenge here.

A big thank you to all my readers who stayed with me on this journey and showered their love on my work. Stay safe, connect with nature and always be happy !


50 thoughts on “Z – Zen!”

  1. Hey Radhika,
    What a beautiful way to end the challenge. And an equally beautiful poem you have penned there. Let’s stay in touch here and on Instagram as well. Wait for my Z post on Zero Trust! It was great connecting with you here. Stay blessed always.

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  2. Radhika, this journey that you undertook delving deep into nature, was as rewarding and enriching for me as it was for you. Being with you every step of the way helped me appreciate nature like never before. Congratulations on the successful completion of this series with such a beautiful verse. ❤️

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    1. Punam, appreciate your kindness throughout. Nature has a magical charm, and i am so glad that this magic touched you too. Thanks a bunch for all the love dear. You keep weaving the magic of your words on us.
      Stay blessed my lady Wordsmith ❤️

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  3. Zenned! You’re zenned. Gosh, friend. Lovely from A to Z. What well rounded poetry you contributed to the world. So amazingly lovely. Vibrating. Alive. Nature themed. Lovely. I’ve no better words to describe. But I hope you know. Fantastic work. Zenned!!!!

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  4. “the connect ignites a trigger” – I loved the use of the word Trigger here, felt so positively beautiful. Your journey with these alphapbets through nature has brought a very rich flow of the gracious energy to me, perhaps every reader if I may say, thank you for embarking on this way of deep cultivation, I can sense the depths from which you conclude the series and how that space is now forever a part of you. It is a gift to engage with your work throughout and henceforth.

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