Reflections – A to Z Challenge 2022!

Nature and I

I have always been in awe of nature and her multifaceted persona. To me she is an epitome of flawless beauty. Through eons, nature has buried untold emotions within her soul, yet she continues to bless and heal.

The theme of Nature and I, for this year’s challenge, was a reflection of my growth under her benign gaze. Starting from the basics of breathing right, to allowing her light to guide me to be mindful, help me introspect and enjoy the sounds of silence, teaching me the art of letting go, reminding me to pause and just be, being ok with accepting my imperfections, I felt a deep paradigm shift. The balance and connect with nature, has enriched the quality of my life.

On this challenge, I was delighted to have found many like-minded people, who shared a similar sentiment. They accompanied with me on this enlightening journey and I’m so grateful to them for their company and the inputs they shared.

I was also privileged to read a rich array of work here. From musings, to technology driven content, fiction, parenting gyan, poetry…I was impressed by the ingenious styles, research and literary verses that flowed here. Extremely happy, that I have added more friends from the community to radhikasreflections.

Completing the challenge, gave me a supreme sense of satisfaction. I would also like to congratulate my fellow bloggers for doing so, with aplomb.

Hope the fragrance of my gratitude reaches your heart!

You can read all my posts of A to Z Challenge here.


21 thoughts on “Reflections – A to Z Challenge 2022!”

  1. Congratulations for successfully completing the A-Z marathon.

    You chose a topic really close to my heart, and spun some lovely messages.
    More flow to your beautiful pen.

    Love and gratitude. 💙

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  2. Beautiful post, Radhika. I so share with you ur gratitude to nature, to life.
    Every morning I go to my garden glass door and take in the beauty. In nice weather
    I step out and take a step out, walk around and just breathe and talk to plants and birds.
    So, another fellow nature lover.


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  3. You did dive deep dear friend Radhika, and brought back exquisite pearls of wisdom for us to engage with. The paradigm shift was palpable, the glory and grace of nature’s gaze tangible. Your grartitude is felt and makes an impression within me too. Thank you for making this commitment, it was a gift to receive.

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