The Game I never learnt…


Burden of regrets, scars of the past, become too heavy to carry,

beset by winds of uncertainties of future, peace drifts away.

I oscillate between these two spectrums, oblivious of today.

A helpless pawn, I am lost in the labyrinth

trying to circumvent the rotating orb.

Life continues to teach me to play

the game of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I lose track of time, trying to understand its rules.

By the time I realise its simplicity,

 greys and wrinkles paint me frail.

The game ends, without me enjoying it!

Britta asked us to write a poem on the theme of Time.


49 thoughts on “The Game I never learnt…”

  1. We are all players of this game, Radhika and we do keep learning the nitty grittys as we move alongโ€ฆso donโ€™t lose hope, we hold hands and move together, we can swing by with ease ๐Ÿ‘
    A well written piece ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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  2. Such truth and how beautifully you write in your poem. The games and the rules โ€“ consume a lifetime trying to make sense of it all, until we arrive at the simplicity of it all โ€“ your concluding line is felt deeply.

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  3. From Mahabharata times, time plays an imporatant role; but, Aldus Huxley wrote a century or more back that Indians have no idea of time, all because we had not invented time machine, then. Our idea of time is not in the scale of hours (until we established our own HMT). We could predict the coming eclipse correct to minute all because we were time-conscious!

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