The Homecoming…

Borgward Hansa, Isolated, Oldtimer, Scrap Car, Scrap

The rusty hinges of the door creak a melancholia of emptiness

abandoned, a veiled gossamer of neglect envelopes it.

Ambivalent emotions embrace me in nostalgia,

I close my eyes, inhale the smattering scents of yesteryears

fragments of my childhood, resplendent with love and laughter fill me.

Fun filled times with playmates in the cart

wheel across the courtyard, echoing merriment, ย 

driving through the narrow alleys, the many outings in the old car were so cherished

the ambrosial culinary delights from momโ€™s kitchen permeated my senses.

Itinerant lifestyle, kept me away for good,

night, seemed too dark for the family in waiting.

The once familiar surroundings, today seem distant

walls of my home, do not recognize me anymore.

The people have all gone, only memories linger on

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Smattering

dVerse poets


44 thoughts on “The Homecoming…”

  1. Walls of my home do not recognize me anymore-so powerful. Iโ€™ve written a lot about saying goodbye to my childhood home and that sentiment is exactly how I felt. It didnโ€™t know me and I didnโ€™t know it. Well done.

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  2. I could feel, sense, smell being there โ€“ how the abandon becomes evident through overgrown and dusty spaces โ€“ and how voices and sounds from years ago ring in the years, bringing it all alive but only in the mind. What a beautiful beautiful expression of poetry Radhika!

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  3. So well done. I had to go back and reread to find the compound word…the splitting into the root words happens so smoothly in the flow and sense of the poem.
    I really connect with this poem as I tried to do this some years back. I am now 75 and went back to my home town to simply drive by the many places I remember from my childhood: the house I lived in until third grade; the house we moved to that I thought was so big looks so small. My elementary school which has been remodeled and added on to so that I could hardly find the doors I remember entering. Downtown is very sad…everything has moved out to shopping centers. I especially connect with this line:
    “walls of my home, do not recognize me anymore”
    Thank you so much for dropping by dVerse and posting to the prompt!

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    1. Lillian, I am so happy that you liked my poem. Thanks a lot.
      Yes, things are changing so rapidly across the cities. I can so relate to what you have mentioned. Humble abodes so full of love are now replaced by huge buildings. All we are left with is only poignant memories.
      The prompt was so interesting and it was my pleasure to post this !


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