Anchored to the harbor, by twines of anxiety

unknown shores overwhelm me.

Placid demeanor camouflages the conflict within me

Triumph lies beyond the tempest,

the spirit of accomplishment beckons me.

I just need to unmoor, set sail,

to break the spell of fear.

Wc: 44 words

Sadje’s WDYS #138

dVerse poet pub : Spell


36 thoughts on “Unmoor!”

  1. There will be thunderstorms
    which we can’t change
    on these unknown shores..
    Just accept it.. and feel better..
    what else can we do!!

    In fact was scribbling these lines in the morning.. Now reading your poetry, I doubt if I were replying you in advance..

    Between you have scribbled it so wonderfully Radhika..

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      1. Was not much active these days in wordpress.. But whenever I am in my reader, i won’t leave without reading you.. The way you express always catches my attention

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  2. Awesome lines;

    Triumph lies beyond the tempest,

    the spirit of accomplishment beckons me.
    It’s true that only by overcoming our challenges that we find satisfaction. Thanks for joining in Radhika

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  3. Courage is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark, said Tagore. Your free flowing verse beautifully encompasses these thoughts.
    What a lilting tribute to the flow of life, dear Radhika.
    Have a blessed week ahead. Hugs ❤

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