Peace At Dawn!

Dawn enters the threshold of the ebony sky,

nature’s nimble quill, pens scarlet verses across the yonder,

 broody clouds pale under the dazzle of the sun.

As the empyrean canvas welcomes a new day, singing a lyrical ballad,

I surrender my pain to celestial heavens, bask under its benevolent grace.

The reflective solitude of the morn, envelopes me with abundant peace.


A Milestone!

Thoughts dress by my reflective moods

I paint the words with my emotional palette

a long journey, scripted through a variegated literary landscape

inspired by your writings enroute,

I celebrate a milestone of 1000 posts today.

WordPress congratulated me on my 1000th post today. Thank you, my WordPress family, for being with me and encouraging my work. Truly grateful for each of your likes and comments. Of late, I am guilty of not reading your posts regularly. I have joined work and keeps me busy. But I’ll definitely try to drop by whenever time permits. Thanks once again for being with me.

Happy Navratri to all my Indian friends!

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