Peace At Dawn!

Dawn enters the threshold of the ebony sky,

natureโ€™s nimble quill, pens scarlet verses across the yonder,

 broody clouds pale under the dazzle of the sun.

As the empyrean canvas welcomes a new day, singing a lyrical ballad,

I surrender my pain to celestial heavens, bask under its benevolent grace.

The reflective solitude of the morn, envelopes me with abundant peace.


44 thoughts on “Peace At Dawn!”

    1. Great description of Nature Radhika ji!
      The place where i am now (Madras) the sun has bathed in sea and has risen for the morning walk across the sky. From east end, ths sun has to reach the other end defore evening or else darkness will engulf. This is the story daily. It is a companyless walk unlike for the moon, which does the same exercise in th dark but has stars for company.

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