The Stolen Identity!

person behind fog glass

Traumatized by the disaster,

painful emotions besieged my core.

Beeping monitors and tubes injected,

kept me confined within the dreary hospital walls.

Surrounded by strangers fussing over me

I scanned for a familiar face, yet found none.

Paranoia left me fearing my own shadow.

Fate dealt a cruel blow,

realization dawned, that the accident had stolen

my memory, identity and my life from me!

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #208

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Shadows

Fettered Memories!


Somewhere in the deep crevices of my heart

percolating through the filters of thoughts, are scars hiding.

Though inconspicuous, they linger on, haunting me.

At the slightest trigger,  they elicit painful ripples,

mutating into a tempestuous ordeal.

I know not, how to release the hurt,

which seems to have imprisoned itself within me.

I wish the rains would wash them clean

or they would flow away in a burst of lachrymose deluge.

Perhaps the intense heat of the sun would burn them down

or I could just delete them with the press of a button.

Alas, the venomous fangs of toxic memories concocts its poison,

as a sinister vortex of diabolic emotion sucks me into it,

entrapping my mind, in a self-created web of despondency,


Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 204 : Filter


Eugenia’s weekly prompt : Haunting

Soaring Tempers!

black hand with mouth wall art
Heather M Edwards @

Emotional temper soars

rage blurs the mind’s vision

voices reach astounding decibels

heart beat escalates, matching the tempo

tirade of harsh words spew venom

 fiery frustrations fold in clenched fists

high voltage drama unfolds.

A blazing inferno fetters the soul

sinks under a dark ocean of wrath

wreaks havoc of toxicity

relationships develop fragile cracks

bonds of friendship scar

dents an irreversible damage.

Time deflates the swollen ire

the gossamer clouding the mind, moves

perspective shifts

streaks of regret get highlighted.

Stay away from soaring tempers

for its aftermath is filled with rueful woe.

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Soaring

Lost Emotional Quotient!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #165

Look closely at the pictures above. Choose one or more, and think what are they doing together. Will they remain entwined or go their own way? Was their act or intent good or evil? Could they do whatever they planned to do together, or fell apart?

I have chosen the 3rd picture – The human hand and that of a robot for this challenge.

Man, the most intelligent species,

created artificial intelligence,

stepping into innovative technological frontiers,

taking automation to dizzying heights.

Breathing in greyscale monotony,

he put  life into chromed metal bodies.

With a system of inputs, circuits and codes

programmed to perfection,

Robots, obeying his every command

be it compute, abort, destroy…

performing each task with finesse.

With its heart full of wires, bereft of feelings,

the vitals of emotional connect seems missing.

In today’s environment,

Is man becoming his own creation?

The Red Rose!


Confined to home due to the lockdown, Samir had ample time at hand. Staying alone, Netflix had become his best friend.  

That night he watched a horror movie. Though a brave heart, this particular movie left him terrified. Cursing himself for watching it, he went to bed. The scenes from the film kept haunting him before he finally dozed off.

He saw a hooded faceless lady walk through the wall and give him a rose. There was something so sinister about her smile. Sweating profusely, he woke up with a start. Relieved that it was just his hallucination and a bad dream, he turned to go back to sleep.

And then, he saw it…

Paralysed with fear, he could hear his heart hammer against his chest. He tried to scream but his voice choked within.  A spine tingling sensation began to creep up as he began gasping for breath.

 For next to him on the bed lay a red rose…

Reena’s exploration Challenge # 155 : Horror

Sssh….Don’t Cry!!


All of us have, at different point in time let the tears flow down. As children when we were hurt, denied a toy or a chocolate ….. as adults due to helplessness, frustration or being in pain caused by the action or words of a loved one. We have all succumbed to the emotional deluge.

“People cry, not because they are weak. It’s because they have been strong for too long” Johnny Depp

Crying is a natural way of letting off the pent up turmoil within one self. It is good to cry out the disappointment, pain, stress or anger. Unfortunately as kids and even adults for that matter, crying is viewed as a sign of weakness. We are always advised to control our emotions and be brave. One is shamed for being a sissy for letting the tears run, especially the boys. They are always reminded that boys unlike girls are strong and cannot cry.

When painful emotional energies are held within oneself, trapped in the fortress of our hearts, without an outlet, it often manifests as problems in other forms.

“I was removed from my high school basketball team. I locked myself in a room and cried” Micheal Jordon.

Crying is very essential for cleansing the soul and allowing peace and happiness to enter. It is unburdening the heavy emotional load off our heart. Tears are a natural mechanism to deal with overwhelming challenges that life throws at us at times. So just let them flow. They help us relieve pain and stress, improve our resolve to deal with the situation and help us connect with ourselves better.

“Sometimes a good cry can cure what a good laugh can’t!”

So what do you think? Is crying a strength or weakness?


With a  whir  the motor boat spurts into life

excitement and smiles drawn on the faces

the waters whispering secrets to the heart

embracing all in a blanket of serene tranquility!


The eyes feast on its calm blue persona

the lens all set to capture its alluring beauty

the cool sea breeze caresses the body

initiates  a conversation with the gentle waves!



“Putt putt” stutters the engine to an inert state

the motor seems to have died an untimely death

the wait for the rescue boat to arrive is a long one

stranded right in the middle of the blue expanse!


The hot afternoon sun blazing in all its glory

the water gleaming golden under its gaze

unwanted thoughts torment the mind

takes refuge in prayers to dispel the fear!


An hour long wait seems like eternity,

the rescue boat bringing in a sigh of relief

the ride back  in silence and reflection

offering gratitude for a safe docking at the port.


This actually happened to us at Chilka lake in Orissa  which covers an area of over 1000 sq. kms.We spent some anxious time stranded in the middle of the huge water body. Have you ever been stranded at any place? Do share your experience.


Little joys of life!

Life, I believe should be lived to enjoy the plenty of small little everyday joys!

Being trapped in a rigmarole of everyday life, it is always a challenge to maintain a perfect work – leisure balance. The weekdays zip past in meetings, deadlines, family, after school activities for kids….the list goes on. Weekends is all about catching up on the many personal chores. All of this drains out our energy with hardly any time for relaxing and “living life fully “

Being lost in this web of trying to get some sanity into a hectic life, I chanced to read a few beautiful lines sometime back. Would love to share it with all of you.

“ Most of us miss out on life’s big prizes

The Pultizer, The Nobel, Oscars or the Tonys

But we are all eligible for life’s small pleasures

A pat on the back, a peck on the cheek,

A great meal, hot soup, cold beer,

An empty parking space, a glorious sunset, a full moon!

Don’t fret about not getting life’s grand awards

Enjoy its tiny delights,

There are plenty for all of us “

Isn’t it beautiful?

Let the magnetic force of these tiny joys fill our lives with smiles and happiness!

“A great life is nothing but a series of great memories woven together! “ (Anonymous)

Pep up a little fun into your life with little joys. Breathe in a whiff of fresh air into your life. 

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”





The dreaded five letter word, over which many of us have no control. It comes in a jiffy, conquers our mind and sanity without our consent. We seem totally helpless as it wreaks havoc in our minds, turning it volatile.

Anger is the outburst of an intense emotional response. It is usually a normal healthy human emotion, when a person is fleetingly annoyed. But when that emotion turns out of control, it assumes the tag of rage, fury or wrath and turns destructive.

ANGER……all of us have succumbed to it albeit at different stages. We are the so called evolved beings of this planet, yet find it impossible to stop being angry at people and situations. A slight provocation is enough to trigger the anger in us. With a highly developed intellect, isn’t it strange we have no control over our anger?

A decision taken in anger or words spoken when angry is something we are bound to regret eventually when the outburst cools down.

I am a person who can easily be upset and annoyed. A slight provocation leaves me fuming. Though situations or people still manage to do that to me, I am consciously trying to not let it affect me negatively. What I see has worked many a time is to walk away and remain quiet for a minute or two. That naturally cools down my ire and then talk it out in a normal tone. Believe me, it works most times.

It’s wonderful if you are level headed and cool. But if you get angry, what do you do to diffuse the situation before the verbal exchange of a heated words goes out of control ?

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