Never ending questions…

Godogcafe’s Tuesday writing prompt : Pick 3 words with “w” and use it in any form of writing.

Why, where, when, which, what

a mom’s most used glossary

dialogue with kids

It is an inherent quality in mothers, the world over to worry about the welfare of their children. While it good to care about their well-being, too much of questioning irritates them and children feel stifled in such an environment.While parenting styles have undergone a  total shift today, adapting to the changing times, these questions continue to be the favorites in a mother’s vocabulary while talking to her children.

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Home is where the heart is…

Finally the long war ends, taking a toll on humanity. The brave soldier, eagerly looks forward to come back to the security of his home.

Battling a long illness successfully, the healthy man just wants to return to the comfort of home.

After the initial thrill of staying on his own at the hostel, the student feels homesick, missing his mom’s food.

A professional working in another city, lonely, wants to return to the love of his family back home.

A traveller who is on the road for a while, longs to get back to the warmth of his home.

Home may connote different things to people. It is an extension of their personality. It leaves a trail of their essence and scents. The comfort and warmth a home exudes is hard to beat. Be it a palatial abode or a small dwelling, each home is dear to those living there.

A binding foundation

reflections of emotions

define home sweet home

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Home sweet home!

Dear Sister!


A crackle of laughter, echoes from your personality

your witty sense of humor ensures unlimited chuckles

your naughty pranks, keep the child in you alive

the twinkle in your eyes, has a magnetic charm

your brush unleashes,  an artistic extravaganza

the piety you embrace, leaves a fragrant spiritual trail.

You my dearest sister are my confidante, counselor and friend.

I feel blessed to be enveloped by your ever flowing love !


A very happy birthday to you dearest Sis ! Wishing you miles of smiles, tons of happiness and a bagful of good wishes ❤ !


Life lessons from Mom

Today on my mother’s birthday, would love to dedicate this post to her. Happy birthday Mom ❤ !


In the summer of 1970, wedding bells rang in the sacred temple town of Tirupathi. The bride a tall, slim, beautiful, demure young girl and the groom a dashing smart and handsome officer in the Indian Airforce. A perfect couple, made for each other.

After the fanfare and all the wedding ceremonies were over, the bride who came from a small place called Udupi in the south kanara district of Karnataka was to accompany her husband all the way to her new home in New Delhi. After bidding farewell to her family she set out with her newlywed husband carrying a kaleidoscope of emotions within her.

This young and beautiful couple my dear friends are my parents.

After helping my mom settle down in the new place my dad resumed duty. Soon they were invited to a very formal dinner party. My mom who hailed from a small town never had an exposure to any formal event. But being the person she is, she agreed to accompany my dad for the same. The dinner was a five course meal served by an array of waiters. An assortment of cutlery was set on the table with so many different sizes of spoons and fork, each to be used for a specific course. She sailed through the entire evening with élan, with many officers complimenting my dad to have found such a beautiful bride. On their return my dad questioned her if she was used to eating with a knife and fork? To which she replied that it was the first time she was using it. She simply observed how the others used it and followed them! Simple, isn’t it?

The best way to learn something is by doing it.

My mother had a lot of free time at her disposal. Not knowing what to do she decided to join some class.  My father did not consent to that as she did not know Hindi. Arguing that she would never learn the language if she did not step out, she slowly ventured out to neighbours houses in the locality. Gradually she made friends and learnt not only to speak fluent Hindi but also knitting, baking and north Indian style of cooking.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but overcoming it.

Being in the Airforce, my dad had to go for flying sometimes for days together. Once he left saying he would be gone for 3 days but came back after 28 days!!! I wonder how my mother spent those agonising days with no news about his return. Our house was at the far end of the Airforce quarters beyond which was a huge empty playground.  It had glass door with no grills. Chilli powder and kitchen knife were her companions during dads absence. Remember there were no mobiles or phones at home then!!

Do everything to the best of your ability.

Frequent postings are a part and parcel of an Airforce Officer’s life. Unlike today they did not have the luxury of availing the services of packers and movers. Mom with her magical hands did all the packing for every single posting, and not once did a single glass break during the innumerable transits.

Believe in yourself.

Owing to dad’s frequent postings, he decided to admit us to Central School ( Kendriya Vidyalaya). They were very particular about a certain number of transfers before obliging with the admission to the officer’s wards. At one such time we were denied admission for the same reason. Again it was mom who went to the Principal and argued out with him and ensured that we were admitted.

Keep calm and trust GOD.

She was a strict disciplinarian but also showered us with lots of love. She managed the house very beautifully during dad’s absence and lent him all the support during challenging times!  During our summer vacations she would play with us like a kid. She helped us with the lessons, Math being her favourite subject! An excellent cook, she managed the house on a stringent budget without allowing us to feel the pinch. She always taught us not to get worried about situations beyond our control and to leave your problems at “HIS” feet and he would take care of it.

Life is about creating yourself.

Today she is 70+ . Even then there is that twinkle and spark in her eyes. My salutations and regards to you dear Mom. Thank you for being there for us ALWAYS!! Love you Mom!!

Master of the tales


Today being Father’s Day, my poem is tribute to my Dad who is a master story teller. His stories captivate not only children, but also adults. His magical narrations transport us to a surreal world. We siblings grew up listening to his myriad stories and so did our children and many others.

Story telling is an art ,of which you are truly a MASTER, Dad!


As you unlock the doors of your magic chest

A million stories like the twinkling stars

flow from the crevices of your creative mind.

Your words dress up and perform,

 to put up  a spectacular show

holding on to the audience

who sit in rapt attention

savouring the flavours that ooze out ,

as each spoken word,  is an ecstatic rendition.

Taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions

they infuse magic into the ordinary

as they  transport the listener into a world

of Gods and demons, fairies and witches

 naughty boys and girls , animals and beasts

 values and morals , sacrifices and celebrations

along with the many narratives of life experiences.

The tempo builds up to reach a crescendo

 evoking multitude responses

of surprise, awe , fear, laughter and tears.

Your stories left an indelible impression

in our tender minds,

taught us many a lesson.

Today, my mind fondly reminisces

 those magical moments

 which never seem to fade

through the eons of time.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad ❤ !

Love you , Mom!

This one is a tribute to all the Moms for the unconditional love they shower on their children.


A lonely soul I was at birth, fear of the unknown overwhelming

Cradled in the comfort of your arms, close to your bosom

Secure and welcomed, I discovered solace and love.

Nurturing me tirelessly day in and out,

Sleepless nights you spent, tending to me,

Sacrifices innumerable you made,

Taught me to walk on a straight path,

Irrespective of other curved ones,

To differentiate the right from the wrong,

Freedom you bestowed on me to explore, err, learn and grow

Today I look back with gratitude, for all that you have done.

I am, who I am today, only because of you.

Love you Mom!!


Happy Mothers Day!




The tiny bundle of joy is placed in your arms and you are elated to become proud parents! An absolute joyous moment isn’t it? You come home planning how you are going to raise your little one to be a perfect child. Welcome to the world of parenting 🙂 🙂

Your perfect plan goes for a toss in the initial few days itself, when the little one decides to wail the entire night and you desperately try everything that your hassled mind can think of to pacify the tiny soul.

Just when you start feeling a little confident of managing to tackle all the baby issues, your little one is now a hyper infant exploring everything around him with his hands, feet and tongue ;-). You finally give up, trying to make the house baby friendly! No matter how much you plan, he always finds something new to try his hands on.

You are all excited about his first day at school. When gradually his crying bouts subside, the teacher’s complaints starts to pour in about how naughty your child is. You are at your wits end trying to channelize his hyper energy. You reach out to fellow parents for solutions to control his temper tantrums. The doctor or google too, are of not much help.

Then comes the phase of the tumultuous teenage! No matter what you do or don’t, it never finds you in the good books of your gawky teenager. You fail to understand why following simple rules don’t make any sense to them. In their eyes, you’ve suddenly become a conservative and old fashioned parent who has no idea of what “being cool”means! 😉

You wonder how your parents brought you up, Isn’t it ? The role of parents is the most complex and challenging one, to be performed 24/7, 365 days a year, without a break, with overtime thrown in when the child is unwell. The situation has all the chances of going volatile without any warning!

There is no manual on parenting. Each child is different from another. Hence the way of bringing up the child will also differ.  It totally depends on your tact and ingenious skills to make parenting an enjoyable experience. In spite of all the hiccups we as parents face, the sheer joy of seeing our young ones blossom into unique individuals surpasses all the hurdles we experience. Enjoy the journey of parenting scripting your own manual!



Happy Father’s Day

No matter how old I grow, I will always be your little girl.♥

My love and tribute to you dear dad on Father’s Day.


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A – You are truly an  Awe inspiring personality

B – Brilliant like the dazzling sun – a perfect simile to describe your intellect

C –  Ever Caring  nature

D – Always Diplomatic in your approach

E – An Erudite person

FFavourite of all

G– You  Guide us like a beacon of light

H– What a  Handsome man you are !

I – An  Ingenious and master story teller, weaving magic with your tales

J –  Judicious in your spending

K– A very knowledgeable man

L – A Loving dad, you’ve always been  to your children

M–  Absolute Methodical planner

NNumero uno…….the one and only !!

O – You are so popular for your exemplary Oratory skills

P – A true Pal to us

Q – When in a contemplative mood you go into your “Quiet” shell

R – A man with a  Religious temperament

SSalute you, a true officer of the Indian Air Force

TTalented or multi talented?? Will pick the latter !

U Upright in your principles

V – A Voracious reader- you just love your books!

W – A Writer par excellence – you conduct a perfect symphony of thoughts and words

X –  You have an XL magnanimous heart

Y –  Youngsters look up to you for advice

Z – You are a Zealously protective Dad !


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