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The Treasure Hunt!!

  Laying hands on an ancient map, the trio spent months decoding it. Finally they were just one step away from the hidden treasure. They had to drive into the … Continue reading

January 5, 2018 · 21 Comments

Brave or Foolhardy?

In response to Kat’s 280 letter twittering tale # 61. The challenge this week is: This week…a twist. The photo below by MorningbirdPhoto at Pixabay.com features someone holding a stack … Continue reading

December 5, 2017 · 35 Comments

Age no bar!

In response to Kat’s twiterring tale #59. Tell a story on the above picture prompt in 280 characters or less. The piano had been a surprise gift from her grandchildren. … Continue reading

November 23, 2017 · 41 Comments

The Connect!

In response to Sonya’s 3 line tale, #93 The challenge is to write a tale in three lines based on the picture prompt. Since many years, Seema was a regular … Continue reading

November 10, 2017 · 28 Comments

Lady in Red!

After watching the horror movie at night, I went to the bedroom and froze with fear. Lying there with an evil smile, was the lady in red! Letter count 138 … Continue reading

November 1, 2017 · 19 Comments

The Tree House!

In response to Kat’s 140 letter twittering tale # 53 “ Darling, this place is perfect for our rendezvous!” said Ann. She froze when she saw Jim point the gun … Continue reading

October 11, 2017 · 48 Comments

The Decision

He was at the crossroad. Should he heed to his heart’s call or listen to his mind’s voice. A tough decision to make.  Taking a deep breath, he made his … Continue reading

September 22, 2017 · 46 Comments