The Dancing Goddess!

I am grateful to Freya Pickard of purehaiku for publishing 5 of my haiku on her blog, as a Featured Writer. The theme was Dancing Goddess.

Thank you Freya. Do visit her site for some exceptional haiku.

The link to the haiku are given below. Please do check them out.

Haiku 1

Haiku 2

Haiku 3

Haiku 4

Haiku 5


Radhika Puttige

Many thanks to Susi Bocks of iwriteher, for accepting and publishing my work on The Short of It.

I Write Her

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dark feelings engulf
trepidation clouds senses
imprisons present


inner core ruptures
scorching lava sizzles out
wreaks crimson umbrage


quintessence consumed
drowned in infernal abyss
extinct emotions


a veneer disguise
contrived emotions displayed
dubious motives


lonesome soul cringes
a foreboding gloom pervades
silent cry echoes


Radhika’s writings reflect her thoughts and ruminations on life. While she mostly writes poetry, her blog Radhika’s Reflection is a potpourri of photographs, prose, and musings. She recently published her first book of haiku and poetry titled Eclectic Verses, which is available on Amazon.


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Radhikasreflection by Radhika

A big thank you to Kate for doing this interview with me, for her other blog “Meet the bloggers”. This was a wonderful feeling for me, giving my first interview :). Enjoyed doing this. Thanks once again dear Kate!

Meet the Bloggers

I met Radhika more than a year ago and am greatly impressed by her adaptability and versatility to rise to any challenge.  She has exceptional ability to weave words in the most unexpected way so please don’t miss those links to her favourites as they are each a real gem and showcase the breadth of her talent!

Please briefly share your personal background?

Daughter of an Air Force Officer, I am the eldest of three siblings who travelled across India accompanying dad on his postings.

Professionally I am a certified accountant technician.

Post marriage and kids life was busy, with home and kids demanding my attention and time.   Working as a teacher for five years was a wonderful experience. I was not very keen to work full time as our kids were growing up and I felt that one parent needed to be home. My husband’s work schedule is quite…

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Published this poem as a guest post for my blogger friend Anindya of Thank you so much Anindya for giving me this opportunity. An ardent music lover, his blog showcases a wide range of travel diaries, reviews, inspirational posts and photography. A pleasure to read his work!


Roasted on a perfect flame

 with a passion so intense

the grind so flawless as

it surrenders completely

to emerge into a fine new form

 sizzling in the hot water

for a perfect concoction

its aroma delights the senses

black, strong or creamy

 a hot favourite with all

the wait now seems irresistible

the desire reaching dizzying heights

its steaming hot and smoky looks

is a feast for the eyes

the tongue savours heavenly bliss

as the bittersweet taste lingers on

in the mouth, yearning for more

Oh! I love my cup of

perfectly brewed coffee!






Project BMG-The Spirit of Giving Back

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At the onset, I would like to congratulate Roberta Pimental for initiating the Project BMG, which I think is a great platform for “infant bloggers” like me to reach out to a wider audience. I am grateful to her for letting me be a part of it. Thanks a ton Roberta!! 🙂

A down to earth person, simplicity defines me. My mind is a gypsy vagabond which loves to travel and reflect on many things. I pen down thoughts close to my heart.  If my writing connects with you, please do step into my world ! Would love to hear your thoughts!



 “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you will end up not doing nothing for nobody! “ Malcom Bane.

Life is a gift and we are all blessed to be enjoying that gift! Most of us live a happy life, amid loved ones, in the comfort of our homes, without having to worry about our next meal. We are lucky to benefit from the rapid progress, in terms of knowledge, technology and material comforts. But unfortunately, not all in this world are as blessed as we. There are people across the globe who are poverty stricken, living in dismal conditions.

Though, not all of us can be a Mother Teresa or a Florence Nightingale, isn’t it our duty to help the lesser fortunate fellow beings? We all can be that drop which collectively goes on to make a mighty ocean. “If not a star in heaven be a lamp at home “. Many give back to the society by way of monetary help. But giving your time for a cause in which you believe in, is a commendable effort. Volunteering with an organisation or NGO, championing an environmental or conservation issue, feeding the hungry, taking responsibility for the cleanliness drive, all help in realising the dream of better world.

I have been blessed to be born to parents who inculcated in me the value of reaching out and lending a helping hand to the deserving. Am lucky, that I continue to get an absolute support from my husband in this endeavor after marriage too.

I volunteer at a government school where I teach spoken English to the 5th graders. These children come from the underprivileged background. Some of them are eager learners, while others require a lot of effort to be put in. It is a joy to be with them, to help them and converse with them. Their innocent chatter, unending questions, enthusiasm to learn something new, is so encouraging. The exuberant smile I see on their faces, on entering their classroom is priceless!!


As parents, we have tried to instill the same values in our children. My son is an active participant in many lake cleaning initiatives in our city. My daughter donated all the profit earned by her in a school carnival by buying goodies for the children, from the nearby slum. There is a perennial flow of such small random acts of kindness and being a part of social causes, at home. I believe, it should be  a continuous ongoing process.

Along with educating our children, we also need to sensitize them to be grateful for all they have and follow the spirit of giving back to the society. I salute the many among us, who selflessly devote their time and energy for social causes. I guess, these humanitarians help the world to balance itself, in spite of all the negative elements prevalent. We need more of such benevolent crusaders to spread the spirit of giving.

“No act of kindness however small is ever wasted “(Aesop)


Reach out to lend a helping hand,

beyond self, beyond boundaries,

Be the reason for a smile

on faces you may never meet,

touching lives infinitely,

discovering the key to happiness!



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