WPC – Liquid!


Dusk descends across the horizon

dotted with tall silhouettes,

 your graceful movements,

are a spectacular visual delight!


The first rays of the dawn

wipe away the ebony shadows

ripples of the warm  sunshine

permeate the emerald waters!



Draped in a white satin gown,

cascading down with a roar

beauty reigns supreme

in the sheer raging fall !


The tired body and mind

exhausted in mundane chaos

a sip of hot tea, is all it takes

to refresh the tired soul!

In response to the weekly photo challenge : Liquid


WPC – Place in the world

A place in the world, my utopian dream

a quaint cottage, on a carpet of green

cradled in the morning mist

the ears drench in the gurgling brook’s melody,

the vibrant blooms , the swaying trees

meandering butterflies, the chirpy birds

all reside in my friendly neighbourhood.

The idyllic surroundings weave a sublime image

a warm confluence of nature’s grandiose

the soul opens the door to usher in a halcyon aura

of bountiful peace and tranquillity!


Ps: All the pictures were taken during our visit to Poland.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific!

Clogged societies, cancerous minds,

bleeding values, scarred emotions,

robotic humans, plagued in venomous smoke,

all leading to a choked life!


Let’s dissolve this lifeless living

resolve to nurture nature,

infuse a prolific dose  of natural healing

bandage the sore wounds with renewable resources,

absolve the soul from the inevitable asphyxiation !


WPC – Smile

A smile is a beautiful accessory to use. I can list a number of advantages to use it more often!

  1. Great stress buster, keeps sorrow at bay!
  2. A smile spreads miles of happiness. So let it travel far and wide!
  3. Being a universal language, it has international validity!
  4. It wipes away the ugly frown!
  5. A global brand which is never out of fashion 😉
  6. Smile and indulge in soul therapy!
  7. As prices of all commodities sky rocket, a smile remains absolutely free, with its benefits still not under the tax radar!
  8. You never run out of it, no matter how much you use it!
  9. Your smile is worth a million dollars! So flaunt it !
  10. Finally smile while you still have your teeth 😉

Be happy and keep smiling !

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WPC – Rise/Set

In response to weekly photo challenge rise/set


The rising orb spins around

announces the divine birth of dawn

a scarlet blush behind the illuminated clouds

the darkness gently surrenders

to the ethereal glow of the golden rays

with a promise of a new day ahead!


Its time for dusk to enter

the horizon paints bold strokes

vermillion red and marmalade orange

dominate the celestial skies

dark curtains fall across the expanse

readying the stage for the magical moon!


WPC – My favorite place

Amidst the lap of nature is undoubtedly my favorite place. No structure however magnificent it is, can be as comforting as nature. Mother nature shares her abundant wealth unconditionally among all her children. To me she is all encompassing and true beauty personified.

A painter par excellence, she paints the horizon with a riot of colors depicting her mood. An ethereal artist!

Pitter patter rainfall, the cascading water falls, chirps of the birds and insects or the roaring thunder, all her musicians play their part to perfection in creating a scintillating symphony! An ebullient orchestra!

The troubled mind finds solace under her benevolent grace. A therapeutic healer!

Ever providing and giving to one and all, making life beautiful. A celebration of existence!

Nature reflects an utopian blend of vivid colors and divine fragrances. Boundless beauty!


WPC – I’d rather be…

I’d rather be a flower

not in competition with anyone,

to blossom at my own pace,

brightening life with my vibrant hues

as I unfurl my petals

diffusing a scented fragrance

bringing in smiles and happiness

hope, love and peace across

territories and relationships!

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WPC – Story – Baby’s day out!

Once upon a time……and lived happily ever after. That’s how most stories begin and end 🙂


Well today I’m trying to give my own interpretation and weave a tale around a small happy monkey family, the Dunstons! They lived in a small jungle in the city outskirts and had a flourishing monkey business there. Experts at all monkey tricks, Mr. D hit a jackpot with all that he touched. Being a shrewd business magnet, he wanted Dunston Jr. to see the big bad world outside the jungle and train him well to take on the monkey mantle.DSC01055

So he called out to his wife “Honey! Let’s go on an outing to the nearby town. Our little champ needs to explore the world.” “But he is just a young lad now! ” Cried Mrs D,  in vain ! All her pleas fell deaf to his ears. On getting to know of his day out, D jr. was excited with a bundle of emotions playing within him.

Early next morning the trio set out on the baby’s first expedition of sorts. Hopping and jumping, they finally reached the hillock. D Jr. clinging on to mama tight, casting a furtive glance at all in a trance. Fearful, apprehensive and on guard, he saw many figures who he came to know were humans. Things were very different here from the jungle. Slowly starting to relax, he began to soak in the surroundings.


People here were amused to see the monkey family. Some, shooing them away, while some kind souls offering them a meal.  D Jr. enjoyed a sumptuous meal of spiced rice, which was an absolutely new taste for him, so different from what he had back home.


He was amused by the paparazzi trying to click them. Basking  in all the attention they were garnering, he felt like a celebrity.


Finally it was time to head back.  Enjoying the excursion thoroughly, Jr. asked his father, “Hey Dad! When is my next outing?”


Weekly photo challenge : Story


WPC – Weathered

A monumental marvel, once upon a time,

standing tall, an imposing structure,

its vibrant past reverberated with laughter and mirth

the vagaries of time dealt a cruel blow

its colourful history now a faded memory

weathered and bruised by many a storm

aged and in ruins, defeated and broken

it holds on to the threads of pain

losing its soul amidst the seasons gone by!


These are pictures of Mandu Fort in Madhya Pradesh, India.

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