You let go the trigger of your words,

hitting bulls eye, it shredded my soul.

battered and betrayed

the hurt , buried deep in my heart.

for long, it lay captive in the confines

waging a lonely battle with raging emotions and angst.

rising  from the depths of anguish

it, finally  found  freedom!

Happy Father’s Day

No matter how old I grow, I will always be your little girl.♥

My love and tribute to you dear dad on Father’s Day.


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image courtesy : pinterest.com

A – You are truly an  Awe inspiring personality

B – Brilliant like the dazzling sun – a perfect simile to describe your intellect

C –  Ever Caring  nature

D – Always Diplomatic in your approach

E – An Erudite person

FFavourite of all

G– You  Guide us like a beacon of light

H– What a  Handsome man you are !

I – An  Ingenious and master story teller, weaving magic with your tales

J –  Judicious in your spending

K– A very knowledgeable man

L – A Loving dad, you’ve always been  to your children

M–  Absolute Methodical planner

NNumero uno…….the one and only !!

O – You are so popular for your exemplary Oratory skills

P – A true Pal to us

Q – When in a contemplative mood you go into your “Quiet” shell

R – A man with a  Religious temperament

SSalute you, a true officer of the Indian Air Force

TTalented or multi talented?? Will pick the latter !

U Upright in your principles

V – A Voracious reader- you just love your books!

W – A Writer par excellence – you conduct a perfect symphony of thoughts and words

X –  You have an XL magnanimous heart

Y –  Youngsters look up to you for advice

Z – You are a Zealously protective Dad !



Sitting by myself on the beach

soaking in the warmth of the evening sun,

my hair dancing to the gusts of wind,

matching its steps to the musical din.

Undulating mighty waves rising high

with all its wrath and fury,

but decide to change their course

as they near  the shore,

then gently ebb to make frothy swirls

on the sands of time.

The rays of the evening sun

casting a glistening spell on the sea,

turning them into  a carpet

of shimmering diamonds, for all to see.

The sun playing hide n seek with the clouds

finally deciding to call it a day,

painting the evening sky in a crimson hue,

on its path across the horizon !

I sit there mesmerised

Admiring the vast canvas of nature

which chooses a colourful palette

to paint a picture so perfect.

from a glittering golden  glow

a few minutes ago , to the dusky beauty  now

her transformation, just magical!

I was glad to be there

to capture the artistry of the sea

In my heart forever!


IMG_20160205_084343                                      IMG_20160205_084349


This morn, at the crack of dawn

I was woken up by a sound so rare

I sat up wondering, from where?

Following the sound, I found,

A sight that left me spell-bound,

Sitting on the ledge, out of the blue

Was someone special, guess who?

A little bird, you might have seen

In the days of yore, not so any more,

A  sparrow, so cute and tiny

Calling to its friends, not too many.

Its chirpy little song, delighted me for long,

I hope you  visit me tomorrow too,

O sweet little sparrow!


You give me creeps!!

Aaaaaaah !! Hearing my loud scream my host rushed to find out what the matter was? We had gone over to a friend’s place for dinner. There, I spied on a sinister looking Mr. Cockroach in the kitchen. That scream, was my response on coming face to face with it 😦



My fear of the creepies-n-crawlies dates back to the time when I was a kid. I hated singing rhymes like Incy wincy spider or Little Miss Muffet and would often wonder the reason behind learning rhymes on such dreadful creatures. Those weird creatures always managed to exasperate me. Spying on one, I would yell out to Mom, my messiah, my saviour 🙂

I have vivid memories of our annual visit to our grandparent’s house at Udupi. It was a huge old house with a big garden, cowshed and a well. Oh! What fun we city bred cousins used to have there. Playing around in the huge mango/jackfruit orchard, watching the ladies milk the cow, trying our hand at drawing water from the well and miserably failing! We used to enjoy the time spent there with the only grouse being, there were lots of creepy insects, bugs and roaches and many of them flying ones too. We (my sister and I) would always be on tenterhooks looking out for those dreadful insects. If the cockroach happened to go for a stroll over my cousins who stayed there, they would just pick it up and put it down……while we would bring the roof down with our screams. We would be ridiculed and teased endlessly for being so scared and were the butt of many a joke!

I grew up, but did not outgrow my fear! When my children were born I would pray  “ Oh God please let me not set eyes on any of those dreaded creatures, specially when I am carrying my baby…….lest in my fear I don’t know what I will do “!! I thank God from the bottom of my heart that he said “Amen” to my prayers 🙂

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Though I have banned the entry of these creatures into my home, at times some persistent ones do manage to sneak in. But I don’t have the luxury of calling out to Mom as now I am a “Mom”. During such encounters now, I have the sole prerogative and privilege of doing the honours……….I strongly nominate myself for the “Bravery Award “……..Anybody listening?????

Himalayan Ecstasy

Sharing a few pictures of the Mighty Himalayas on our visit to the holy shrine of Badrinath, a few years back. The spectacular scenic beauty enroute and the positive vibrations at the temple rejuvenated the body and soul.

“The magnificent mountains of the Himalayas soared up to the heavens to kiss it, the clouds whispering and caressing its high peaks. Serrated and snow-capped, these gigantic mountains were a sight to behold. The eyes admiring the pristine beauty in awe, the heart soaking in the pure energy of the tranquil atmosphere and the mind experiencing the spiritual bliss.  The evening rays of the sun painting its peak to a golden blush. Standing in front of the majestic mountains felt like the eons of time stood still. ”

Salt n pepper
Jagged edge
Romancing the mountains
Whispering clouds
Rendezvous heights
Picture 245
Careless Wisps
Picture 252
Sentries of the North citadel
Picture 265
Dusk beckoning the hills
Picture 266
Golden blush
Sun shades

Let’s learn to teach our children – 2

What do we want our children to grow up as? When every aspect of their lives is competition driven, where is the place for anything else? Be it from the toys the kids own, the clothes they wear or the school they go to, why is everything measured in terms of “being the best”? I have often heard parents brainwash their children to score high marks or else it is the end of the world for him. His interest, likes or dislikes don’t matter. After school the child is shunted off to either tuition classes or a plethora of activities to keep him busy. Even during the summer holidays he is packed off to a summer camp. He is denied any free leisure time with himself.  Isn’t it shocking to hear that some parents put their child in IIT coaching classes from sixth grade onwards! Continue reading “Let’s learn to teach our children – 2”

Let’s learn to teach our children – 1


images (6)Its result time for many students who appeared for the various boards and entrance exams…… And each year, it is shocking to read the number of suicides committed by the young students due to fear of failure, is on the rise. Who is to blame for this grave problem…….is it the education system, parents, schools or all?


What does education mean to us? Is it a report card with high grades, or is it a journey into the world of learning, doing, understanding, experiencing the various subjects? The dictionary defines education as “the process of facilitating learning, knowledge, skills, values and habits to people through teaching, storytelling, discussion, training and research”. So do our schools have a good blend of all these ingredients to churn out a perfect recipe for gaining knowledge? Continue reading “Let’s learn to teach our children – 1”

Why should we always win?

Last week my 12 year old daughter and I sat down to play a game of scrabble. As the game progressed, she got a few very high scoring letters, with which she made a word. In spite of that she did not get high points for that word, as she didn’t use it on a “double word/ triple word/letter”.  Using it in such a place would have increased her points three fold. I told her she could make some other word for now and try to make this word in her next turn.

She did not like my suggestion and was fine with her choice. Her question that followed surpriimages (3)sed me!! She asked me “Amma, why is it always so important to win all the time? Can’t we just play the game to enjoy and learn a few new words in the process? I want to enjoy my game. I don’t want to play to win “.

I really didn’t know how to react. But her question left me thinking…….

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