Happy 2019!


The last page of the calendar, makes a solemn adieu

as my failed resolutions ,of the last year and

the year before that, gets a final burial,

with all due respects , to the many failed attempts

to keep them breathing and alive.


This year the plan is that, there

are no plans, or goals forsaken,

no more  broken promises or trying to pretend.

So sayonara 2018 , along with my

failed list of resolutions.


An older but wiser me is 

adopting the mantra of

New and Now.


Each NEW day, will

 gift myself the present of NOW

 be in it fully, savor it!

Breathe, Explore, Involve, Focus, Awaken, Pause.


Next time when I welcome

the new year, the moments

 will stay alive in my memories

with imprints of  my happy signature scribbled

for many more years to come!


Wishing all my blogger friends a very Happy 2019. Do share your views on New Year resolutions 😉

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