And the winner is…

photo by Kazuo ota via Unsplash

Her father wanted her to take over their family business, but every cell of Sara’s body breathed dance.

Her father gave her one chance to prove herself in her chosen field of passion.

Today, she waited back stage with bated breath along with her team, as the results of the International Dance Competitions were to be announced, would it be dance or business? 

  And the winner is …

Sonya’s 3 Line tale #239 : To write a tale in 3 lines on the above picture prompt.


Cast Away!

In response to Sonya’s 3 line tale, week # 127, to write a tale in 3 lines on the picture given.

photo by Michal Prucha via Unsplash

The hot barren desert welcomed me as I opened my eyes. The plane crash seemed to have no survivors, except me.

I had to find a way out of this godforsaken place and make a movie, of my survival and escape.

With no idea where I was, thinking of all the money I would make, I started marching, leaving behind a trail of footprints, on the sands of time!


The stranger!

photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin via Unsplash

In response to Sonya’s 3 line tale week 123.

Feeling frustrated and stifled, Aman finally managed to escape the sanatorium.

With nowhere to go, he just walked where his feet decided to take him. He stopped at the puddle of water on the road, to see a stranger looking back at him.

The accident had robbed him of his memory, identity and life!

The Connect!

In response to Sonya’s 3 line tale, #93

The challenge is to write a tale in three lines based on the picture prompt.

ic: Alex Iby via unspalsh

Since many years, Seema was a regular at the beach each morning, sharing with the mighty ocean her feelings and thoughts.

Yesterday, she felt happy and at peace with herself as she watched the transient waves embrace the golden sand with gurgling love overflowing.

Today, the doctor’s report changed it all, like the turmoil in her mind, the undulated waves were crashing with all its fury on to the shore.

Indeed, there seemed to be a connect between the two of them.



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