My wrinkles hold many memories tucked between their folds,

to be buried with me.

Today, I look into the mirror,

 proud of each scar I carry, each joy I experienced.

As the moonlight casts its lambent glow,

I smile, celebrating my journey of life.

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dVerse qaurdrille #155 : celebrate


Age no bar!

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In response to Kat’s twiterring tale #59. Tell a story on the above picture prompt in 280 characters or less.

The piano had been a surprise gift from her grandchildren. They knew her passion for playing the piano, but  she had never been able to afford one. Her old yet dexterous fingers were magical on the piano. Her maiden performance at the age of 80, received a thunderous applause!

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3 day Quote challenge – Day 2


Thanks Sasha for nominating me for the 3 Day quote challenge!

Age is just a number they say!

How true it is with some people.

My aunt was married at a young age. Settling down into the routine of a housewife, children and all other commitments that follow came naturally to her. But she always had that burning desire to do something in her life.

Time flew. Kids grew up, got married and left the nest. It was then she completed her studies and did her post graduation, at the age of 55. After the death of my uncle she has been living with her kids, shuttling between US and India.She speaks excellent English. She has donned many hats with elan. A voracious reader and a singer, she composed many songs and set them to music. A lady with an artistic bent of mind, she has created beautiful items of art and craft….. a multi faceted personality indeed!

Today, at the age of 75. She is preparing to take up her Sanskrit Examination. She  is also learning Tamil so that she can read their rich literary work. She is spiritually inclined having an in depth knowledge of all our great scriptures.

She does not take a nap in the afternoons, keeps herself fully occupied doing the things she enjoys, doesn’t let an iota of laziness wander around her. Her zeal and enthusiasm to learn new things and her zest for life can put many youngsters to shame. She exhibits a very positive attitude towards life.Truly an inspiration to all !

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