Where am I?

 I tread along the cobbled path early one morn,

to be greeted by a deserted street, echoing a sinister laugh.

A once familiar place bustling with activities, today stands bare.

It was only yesterday, lively mirth resonated here.

Heavenly aromas wafted from the bakers,

children pranced around,

guffaws of zealous grey-haired men, relaxing over a mug of beer,

the buzz of animated chatter, filled the air.

Today, there isn’t a sound or soul,

but, only a deathly silence hangs.

Am I scuffling with a nightmare,


 did I actually walk into, the other dimension?

Sadje’s WDYS prompt #101


Silent Voices!


In a world dominated by voices

blaring loud to judge you

I seek refuge within me

as my voice gets muffled

the anguish cries out in angst

falling deaf to the callous ears

crowds stifle my emotion

suffocating me with their hypocrisy

indifferent attitudes render me perplexed

the constant tirades consume me

incessant sermons gag my voice

silence becomes an eternal ally

all alone I am marooned

with my thoughts and words!


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