A to Z Challenge – Reflections!

“And suddenly you know………It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings!”

That’s precisely what made me accept the A to Z challenge this year, and I am truly glad I undertook this challenge. Before embarking on it, I did have a fair bit of apprehension and doubted my ability to hold the readers interest for all the 26 letters of the alphabet. The theme I chose was “Kaleidoscope of thoughts”! I tried something new and different with each letter, yet getting them to reflect my thoughts and personality.

Looking back, I can smile with a sense of accomplishment. Each tiny step successfully taken, is progressing ahead in the right direction. This journey was filled with learning, awe and meeting some splendid bloggers from across the globe! The plethora of content I got to read was phenomenal. Be it fiction, poetry, photography, travel chronicles, impromptu writings, I was absolutely impressed with the ideas and the variety I got to read! I Would like to congratulate all the bloggers who successfully swam through the challenge.


And I am happy I tried. Thank you all for the constant support you have given me all through the month. Your feedback and likes kept me motivated.

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Alphabet Z – Zero

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


An unusual personality you have,

All by yourself so insipid and limp,

But when you tag behind a number,

You magically make it bigger.

If somebody latches on to multiply with you,

It raises your ire, and whoosh……

You turn them into a zero too.

And when they try to divide a number with you,

You coolly say, “Dude! That’s not possible “

At times you are so humble,

making others feel so significant,

while at other times you reduce

their value to nothing.

Oh Zero ! You are a very unusual hero!!


With this post, I have pulled the zip on the A to Z challenge! Hope you enjoyed this journey with me as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!


Alphabet Y – Yesterday

A to Z challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Wake up to the promise of dawn

a new day, a fresh start

yesterday is past

live not in its shadow

let go, of all bitter incidents

learn from the mistakes,

let it not control your today

bid farewell to it.

String up the beautiful moments

that yesterday presented to you

for it will define how you treat today.

Invest in today to make it better.

Only then, tomorrow you will have

a beautiful yesterday !




Alphabet X – The letter X itself!

A to Z challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

ic: http://www.gameequarium.com

X is probably the most underrated  letter among all the alphabets. Extremely shy, rarely does it take the lead or initiative to place itself at the beginning of a word. It always seems contented to mingle with any of its 25 other friends. However its favourite buddy is ‘e’ beside whom it likes to cling itself most times to create numerous words!

Adorns a mysterious mood when it finds itself in excite and explore.

Rhymes so well with its clan in sex, flex and vex.

Labelled the best in excellent, exemplary and exalt.

Personification of beauty in exquisite or exotic.

Goes out of proportion in extra and exaggerate.

Banished in exile and expel.

Sets a precedent in example and exemplar.

Lays bare and in shambles in expose and explode.

Highly over rated in excessive and exorbitant.

Stretches itself beyond limit in expand, expanse and extend.

Is acquitted or absolved in exempt and exonerate.

States in detail in explain and expound.

And finally, no comments when it deals with the ex’es!

Alphabet W – Words! Choose Them Well……

A to Z Challenge


** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts **


A to Z, the 26 letters of the alphabet. All by itself so helpless and limp. But when they join hands together, they attain a new dimension. They acquire the identity of”Words”. The power of words is so intense, that it can leave a lasting impression on the reader. They can create magic or spell doom,  be mysterious or put you in misery, make you fall in or out of love, they can lift up your spirits or push you into an abyss, they can start a revolution or help peace prevail.

Words are very powerful messengers of your thoughts. So use them wisely.

“A bullet once fired from the gun, cannot be recalled. So it is with words. “



Choose your words well for, they can build bridges for relationships to tread on

Choose your words well else, they can sever ties with the blink of an eye.

Choose your words well for, they can inspire and transform an entire nation

Choose your words well else, they can retard and thwart ones growth.

Choose your words well for, they heal and are therapeutic

Choose your words well else, they strangle and stab ones esteem.

Choose your words well for, they are the nectar to the soul

Choose your words well else, they poison the mind with a veil.

Choose your words well for, they liberate thoughts to freedom

Choose your words well else, they hold hope in captivity.

Choose your words well for, they give wings to ones fantasy to soar

Choose your words well else, they  clip one’s creative instincts.

Choose your words well for, they nourish every breath with positivity

Choose words well else, they negate the spirit of life!





Alphabet V – Vacation

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Hooray! Its holiday season and we are off on vacation. Don’t we all very eagerly wait for them? Vacations give us a break from our routine and help us refresh ourselves. For kids there are no rules for getting up early in the morning, going to school, to complete their homework or study. For parents there is no 9 o’clock call or meeting 😉

Oh, what fun it is to be able to spend time according to one’s wish! A holiday is a perfect time to feel as snug as a bug in a rug!

Vacations have a charm to it. Hearing the name itself lights up one’s face. The excitement on deciding the place, where to stay, how to travel makes it to the rounds of discussions. But these days thanks to the plethora of information and options available at the press of a few keys, the task is a child’s play. Then packing, what to take and what not, actually takes up more of our time 😉

Exploring the place, hanging out with friends, tasting the local cuisines, clicking infinite pictures, buying souvenirs and shopping, the list just doesn’t end.


There is magic to explore. Be it the mesmerising mountains, or the beauty of the warm beaches, the adrenaline high for the adventure lovers, the serenity for the mystical spiritual seekers, the walk through the forest for those who want to be close to nature and wildlife. No matter what place you choose, a vacation always helps you detox, destress and rejuvenate.

Taking unlimited pictures are definitely the highlight of any vacation. Outdoor, indoors, in different moods and poses, ever ready for that Kodak moment. Many seasons later those beautiful pictures narrate a nostalgic story bringing us many smiles and memories!

Which has been your best vacation so far?



Alphabet U – Utopian World

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

ic: pinterest.com

A picture in my mind I paint

of an utopian world,

where the countries are free from

the shackles of boundaries

and universal brotherhood reigns.

Where equality is supreme,

irrespective of gender or religion.

I dream of a paradise in which

all dwell in harmony with nature

where hunger and poverty find no place

fear and terror give way to trust and calmness

kindness and  benevolence  replace greed and power.

 There is a thrust on seeking true knowledge,

where there is evolution of the soul.

Such is my vision for this world

where all the children of almighty

live in love and peace!



Alphabet T – Thoughts

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Thoughts are nomadic by nature. They enter the mind without permission, at any time of the day or night. Having a strong mind of their own, they can be very adamant at times. They take shape of positive or negative, fleeting or profound, chaotic or structured and at times utterly nonsensical. Some just take a peek and vanish, while some others build a nest and continue to stay on.

Thoughts have something magical in them. They define your temperament and moods. Though you cannot see it, you can feel its power. For they can drain you or pep you up. So be wary of feeding the right kind of thought. Else it will multiply manifold like a parasite, and within no time deflate you.

Many a time, the thoughts are just images, haphazard and scattered all around. To gather them, dress them with words and present them is a daunting task. While at other times they are so structured and crystal clear, flowing nonstop like a gurgling brook.

Depending on the words that dress them up, they present themselves in myriad hues and avatars. Be it a garden of vibrant blooms, or a starry constellation, a fiery flame or a tranquil reflection, a profound message or an enigmatic spell!


Thoughts are seasonal

the fertile mind sprouts ideas

at times they turn arid

but when rains kiss the parched mind

a literary garden blooms.


The above is a tanka poem.

Tanka is a poetry form which originated in Japan more than 13 centuries ago. In its purest form, tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions of love, self-reflection, and gratitude. It contains five lines and 31 syllables in the form of 5-7-5-7-7.




Alphabet S – Sick

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Streaming eyes, runny nose

tickling sneeze, croaking voice,

Oh! what’s wrong with me I wonder?

Endless tissues drenched in the flow

Aaachooo……there goes one more!

I feel lousy, my head is so sore.

A look at the mirror, I see a ghost.

Aghast, ashen, I look again

only to realise that it’s me!

Hair all messed up

puffy eyes, all watery

painted itself red

wonder why my nose too

is a matching shade!

Aches and pains,

running from head to toe,

I feel so low,

like a hot frying pan,

even under the fan!

I know a visit to the doc is due.

Said he, “You are down with flu” !

The kind doctor put me on a

diet to follow and pills to swallow!

No school and lessons said he,

and I smiled with glee!

For three days I was on a roll

It’s so good for my soul,

with all the pampering and no work

I log on to the network.

TV, books and rest

I spend time in zest.

Oh, falling sick isn’t that bad after all!!



Alphabet R – Ramp walk with Nature!

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts **

You are all invited to witness a fashion show of a different kind, where in the various elements of nature walk down the ramp. The soft lighting and the eclectic music sets the perfect ambiance for the show. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the various hues of nature mesmerizing you!

The First to walk down the ramp is the,


Donning a turquoise blue attire, she ambles along gently. Her gown shimmers with little glitters as rays of soft light shine brightly on her. Her sparkling smile dazzles one and all. She is the elixir to all the thirsty hearts.



A perfect ambassador for the plus sized body, he walks confidently despite all the weight he carries. His designer chooses a crinkled grey and white outfit for him. The rough texture of cloth with spikes of pale luminous light, shoulder length hair with shades of salt and pepper, gives him a very rugged and macho look.



Her outfit is a bright oak brown full length gown. Her head gear is a huge canopy of green with myriad coloured birds perched atop, chirping softly. Walking on the mossy carpet, her entire persona emanates an organic and fresh feel, rejuvenating the gathering.



His robe has a husky and sandy tone to it. His tall frame, chiselled complexion and broad shoulders carry the attire very well. The magical mirage of jaded blue appears to be playing peek-a-boo on his robe. He looks hot and handsome basking in his majestic features, with aplomb!



A unanimous choice for the show stopper of today’s show, her outfit is a heady mix of colours. The subtle combination of bright and vibrant on one hand and pastel and sublime shades on the other, creates a magical blend. Her charming smile radiates warmth and cheer. Poise and grace defines her walk, which leaves a trail of pleasant fragrance.


In the finale, all the models walk the ramp, hand in hand along with their designer, who creates his label under the brand “HE”, to a thundering applause from the audience.

Ic: http://www.google.com


Hope you all enjoyed this unique fashion show 🙂

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