Alphabet Q – Quiet Moments

A to Z Challenge


Hectic, stressful, chaotic, challenging, mundane, exciting, frenzied are some of the words I am sure many of us use to describe our lifestyle. Running behind deadlines, achieving targets, paying bills, friends and families, we’ve all become experts at multitasking! Always on the move we seem to have forgotten to take a breather, relax to enjoy those quiet moments.

While unfortunately our life is very fast paced, we can steal in some quiet moments to recharge ourselves. The quiet moments with nature is truly therapeutic.

Break away from the stress

tune into nature’s rhythm

serene prescription!

( The above is a Haiku to enjoy the quiet moments)

Sharing a few pictures of the mesmerizing nature which is a panacea for relaxing the tired mind!




Alphabet P – Prayer

Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

A to Z Challenge


Prayer is a sacred word, a pure form of communication between oneself and Almighty. Call Him by any name, seek Him anywhere, He will always heed to our calls. He is the benign light, power and energy who is omnipresent.

Overflowing with goodness, love and compassion He always fulfils our desires.


How does one pray? Well, Prayer is very personal. I don’t think there is any right or wrong way to pray. Each person has his own way to connect with the divine. Some find it through soulful music, while some connect with Him through chants. For few it takes a form of soulful conversations with him. Meditating on the divine is yet another path pursued. Some follow religious rituals very diligently, while others believe in reaching Him by following the adage, “Service to humanity is service to God”. No matter how you pray He is always eager to listen to you and bless you!

I do believe chanting the hymns, verses or reading the holy book of which ever religion you follow, helps you in your spiritual growth and evolution, so does a good thought, a kind deed, lending a helping hand, all take you closer to Him.

Irrespective of the path you follow, all of them ultimately lead to Him!

What is prayer to you?



Alphabet O – One

A to Z Challenge


**Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


One, a number by itself so lonely with no one for company. But being alone doesn’t alter it’s towering personality. In spite of being all by itself always, it’s ability and power to inspire and transform is simply admirable.

One breath begins life

one ray of light brings in sunshine

one look can melt your heart

one hug can make your day

one flower starts a garden

one step begins a march

one run can win a match

one handshake can foster friendship

one smile wipes out the gloom

one star guides the lost soul

one vote can tilt the balance

one touch says it all

one thought can trigger can idea

one leader can lead the nation

one laugh becomes contagious


one life can make a difference!

That’s the power of “ONE”. Never underestimate how you can make a difference to someone’s life!!

Alphabet N -Nostalgic Moments!

images (2)

A to Z Challenge

Day 16 –  ** Theme  : Kaleidoscope of thoughts **

There is always one trip that I love to embark on, without any planning…….a trip down the memory lane. Browsing an old album, opens floodgates of memories, in which I can drown myself for hours together. It conjures up so many emotions, experiences and sentiments and transports me back in the time machine.

Each photograph unfolds a story, brings a smile and enlivens the moment. The pictures walk you into a journey so magical, opening a chest, full of nostalgia. ……..the happy moments :-), special moments, the angry ones >:-(, the triumphant ones, the not so happy ones, some oops moments :-!, some naughty ones ;-D, umpteen emotions captured in  frame, for eternity!

images (1)

Then you glance upon a few vintage ones, from the black n white era. Pictures of grandparents, parents and probably a few of your childhood days too. Getting dressed and going to the studio was an outing in itself. The chairs neatly arranged for the family picture, the photographer donning the  directors hat with the seating arrangements   and you, showing all your pearly whites and sporting your best smile :-). (Forgot to mention the stand with a flower vase placed on it, which generally was a permanent fixture in all studio pictures those days 😉  !!

Before the advent of the digital print, we had the film roll which could click 36 pictures. Once done, we rushed it to the photographer at the studio for developing it. After a few restless days of wait, we got the printed copies of our pictures. The family gathered excitedly to have a look at them. The pictures would elicit elaborate commentary from all the family members. “Oh, you look so good”, “my head got cut”, “hey!! I have closed my eyes, not again !!!”,” look at the picture I clicked, it’s perfect!”…………… and so it went on and on…… 🙂 🙂

Times have changed now, so has the art of photography. Digital media has eclipsed the simple joy and furore involved in the cycle of clicking and developing pictures. My kids now go on a clicking spree all the time. Everything is instant. Click and see, not satisfied, click a few more to get that perfect shot!

In spite of all the changes, my love for photographs still remains……..only now, my laptop accompanies me, in my journey, of those nostalgic moments captured!



Alphabet M- Music

 A to Z challenge


Day 15 – Theme: **Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

The drums resound to the beats

keys and strings sway to the nimble fingers

the lips  blow air into the tiny hollow

their symphony creates an orchestral melody!

The tempo changes gear

the feet start to tap to the groovy tunes

and the body boogies to the rhythm!

Mood changes to resonate  with a different tune

halcyon and divine, the meditative chants

which nourish the soul, with tranquil bliss!

Be it,

the rustic charm of the folk or the rollicking rock and roll

the crescendo of the opera or the intensity of classical

the funky fusion or the avant garde compositions

the soft mellow numbers or the popular chart busters,

myriad styles and genres, across the borders,

music, the language of the heart and soul

always strikes a chord within you!


Alphabet L – Lost!

A to Z Challenge


Day 14 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

Bustling streets, screeching tyres,

blaring sirens, blinking lights,

blowing horns, choking voices,

smoky air, buildings galore

depleting trees, warmer days,

hooting trains, traffic snarls,

Lost in the chaotic city!


Malicious minds, venomous tongues

shattering dreams,  scattered feelings

illusionary happiness, tired souls,

heated infernos, eroding values

disconnected families, strained relationships,

Lost in the waves of emotional behaviour!


Mired in the mayhem of

turbulent perceptions,

in the mundane and humdrum,

in the anarchic lifestyle

the mind and  the soul

wander in search to emerge

out of the crooked maze

rambling like nomads,

Totally lost!


Alphabet J – Journey into blogging!

A to Z Challenge


Day 12 – ** Theme Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Blogging was alien to me till a few years back. Some friends once mentioned about blogs. Intrigued and fascinated by what I had learned, I came home and googled out “blog” and it opened up an expanse of literary artistry before me. I was amazed at what I had discovered. An ocean of bloggers from across the globe showcasing their written work on topics so varied and diverse.

It was then I decided that one day, I too shall start blogging. Immediately made a note in my “Bucket List “of things to do in my diary.  Many other things in life kept me busy for quite some time, and the list remained safe and secure in my diary, completely slipping out of my mind.

Last year when I was cleaning my closet, I found my diary and was browsing it.

“Starting my own blog” started at me. That’s when I decided to take the plunge. The journey so far has been good and I am enjoying every moment. It’s been such a learning experience. Admiration, respect and amazement is what I feel for all your ideas, talent and creative skills.  It is an absolute honour for me to be a tiny part of the blogosphere with all of you. A decision I am happy I took.

Words find their way out

from the thoughts that sprout

from my finite mind

leading them to infinite people.

Easy and lucid they are

to comprehend,

but are no match to

the work of the eminent laureates

I find many, among you.

Coming straight from the heart

my words through my blog just want to

fill your day with sunshine and warmth!

Happy Blogging ❤ !

Would love to know, how did you start your blogging journey?



Alphabet I – Irony of Life!

A to Z challenge


Day #11 – **Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**



Isn’t it ironical that, 

We pay exorbitant prices at the mall,

but haggle with the roadside vendors!


That actors are treated as demigods,

But the brave soldiers die unnoticed!


Our family loves us the most,

Yet we hurt them so often!


Grades define one’s intelligence,

But his knowledge hardly matters!


All come forward to take credit,

But none to take on the blame!


We readily donate for religious cause,

But think twice before donating for charity!


People define success by material affluence,

But turn a blind eye to emotional wealth!


Physical beauty is considered an asset,

But divinity within is overlooked!







Alphabet H – Himalayas

A to Z challenge


Day #10 : **Theme Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

Serrated and jagged, it is the citadel at the northern frontiers of my country, India. A gigantic personality, it commands admiration and awe from its onlookers.

From time immemorial, the Himalayas have stood tall spreading across five countries, Bhutan, Nepal, India, China and Pakistan. The name Himalaya has a Sanskrit origin.” Him” meaning snow and “aalaya” meaning abode, which literally means the abode of snow.

The Himalayas comprise over a hundred mountain ranges, including the tallest peak of Mt. Everest at 8,848 m above sea level. Since ancient times it has attracted pilgrims and mountaineers in great numbers.

My ode to the mighty mountains and some pictures  taken during our trips to the Himalayas!


The cold northern winds blow, rumbling across the jagged edges,

blanketing the sky piercing mountains,with a cloak of white satin snow.


The untamed and rugged beauty, incites the strong hearted souls,

to tread its arduous  terrain, and celebrate victory at its peak.


Clouds caress the peaks as they pass, whispering secret messages,

when the sun kisses the luminous peak, it blushes to a golden hue.


The eyes admires,  the vast expansive artistry of nature,

and the heart soaks in, the pristine spiritual energy!


DSC02269DSC02321DSC02328Picture 130Picture 154Picture 244Picture 245Picture 246Picture 268


Alphabet G – Girl

A to Z Challenge


Day #08 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Dear Men,

I am so proud to be a girl!

I dream, hope and aspire to be an equal

Do not label me a goddess,

all I ask is respect and dignity.

Always love to walk beside you, but at times

if I am a little ahead of you,

do not pull me back.

We are both faces of a coin

neither of us superior nor inferior.

Don’t strangle my dreams

or force your might on me.

Allow me to flap my wings

and soar into the open sky.

I may be a mother, daughter,

sister, a wife and a friend.

Each role in life, I essay

with perfect harmony.

I want to complement you

and not compete with you.

Don’t be threatened by me

I only want to walk along with you!


Yours sincerely,

A Girl

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