Lock down Stories!

Bulbul’s twenty word tale : Story

I have written 4, twenty word tales. Each can be read as an individual tale or together as one.

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  1. The pandemic scripted a sad story in the book of life. All are eagerly awaiting the end of this chapter.

2. Emotions ruled the roost of lock-down stories. Some people scripted success stories, while others had a sad ending. Life goes on…

3. Confined within the four walls of home, I sought solace in writing to avoid the constant disagreements brewing between us.

4. They knocked on my head, I opened my heart and words flowed. Never imagined to be a best-selling author.


Dream Come True!


Words fall short to describe some moments in life, it’s a surreal feeling. That’s exactly how I felt on getting my first book published. Encouraged and motivated by family, friends and many of my dear blogger friends, I managed to fulfill this dream of mine.

My poetry book titled “Eclectic Verses” is an amalgam of 125 poems and haiku. This diverse mix of words and emotions, makes it an interesting read. Each section suits diverse palates, giving you food for thought. The cover page and the illustrations have been designed by my daughter.

The paperback version is available on Amazon.in, Notion Press and Flipkart.

e book, listing at Amazon.com and other international bookstores will be available shortly.

Please do spread the word in your circles.

Hope you reward my modest maiden attempt at poetry, by reading it and sharing your feedback on the same. My heart beats at a frenzied pace, as I eagerly await to hear your verdict on it.

What chapter are you writing tomorrow?


The book of life, lies by the window sill

the cool breeze flutters its blank pages

waiting to be inked with blue

of life stories day after day

till the journey ends at the grave.


The initial chapters are done, with no scope of editing.

Are you happy with that manuscript?

Does the draft of the forthcoming chapters need a quick revision?

How would you like to develop the story of your life further?


Would you like to include a few chapters of

Romance, drama, spirituality, emotions and adventure?

Do away with the mundane, to throw in elements of surprise.

Step out of your comfort zone to pump up the adrenaline.

Be a beacon of light to brighten the lives of fellowmen.

Narrate tales of bridges built or missions accomplished.

Fill it with burst of giggles and laughter, radiating cheer and happiness.

Impact with deeds of kindness and gratitude oozing out.

Erase the dull monochrome, to paint it in vibrant hues.

Script the ensuing chapters to follow your passion.

Redeem yourself of the past mistakes, with a second chance.

Episodes of daring to dream, confronting the challenges, championing a cause.

Learning to live each moment, than merely existing.

Create beautiful moments today, to believe in happy endings.

For tomorrow, when you look back

to read  the book of your life you authored,

 let it be a masterpiece!

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