Every day is a fresh start…

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #158, to write a tale in 280 characters or less on the prompt given below.”Use one of the sayings as your title and build a tale around it, or incorporate several sayings in your tale.”

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza at Pexels.com

The near fatal accident, changed business honcho Vikram’s life forever. Changing priorities, he decided to enjoy the little things. Grateful that he was still alive, he followed the motto of Live, love, laugh and realized Life is beautiful when you count your blessings!

Letter count :270


The perfect setting!

In response to Kat’s twiterring tale challenge # 96, to write a tale in 280 characters or less.

Photo by Kat Myrman 2018

The drifting wind carries a sweet floral fragrance, alluring me to step into the most beautiful garden. The bird chirps, echoes of the rustling leaves, the riot of blooms, a table set for two, is just perfect for my date.

Trring…….darn the alarm, jolted back to the mundane morn!


Letter count : 280

Haiku – Window & Heart

Attempting twin haiku’s for the prompt.


Your birth opens the

loving window of my heart

souls connect for life!


Windows of my heart

unveil a beautiful life

when you are around!


In response to TJ’s haiku #13, window & heart.

Alphabet Y – Yesterday

A to Z challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Wake up to the promise of dawn

a new day, a fresh start

yesterday is past

live not in its shadow

let go, of all bitter incidents

learn from the mistakes,

let it not control your today

bid farewell to it.

String up the beautiful moments

that yesterday presented to you

for it will define how you treat today.

Invest in today to make it better.

Only then, tomorrow you will have

a beautiful yesterday !




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