Magic of Books!

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Pages of a book flutter, in the tiny hands,

letting him peek into a world beyond imagination.

Piquing the tender mind’s curiosity,

books present a palatable platter for every age.

The kaleidoscopic web of enticing genre,

 churn a potent alchemy of awe and learning,

captivating the reader, conjuring a riveting spell.

Their magical potion works like a charm,

kindling a happy lifelong friendship with books!

Sadje’s WDYS #139


The Bibliophagist!


The affair of a reader with his books is hard to describe. An avid reader, enjoys every moment with his books. Nothing compares to getting lost in this fascinating journey of fantasy, adventure, love, drama or a literary masterpiece. Be it an intense one or a casual read, the result is always magical.

Recently while browsing the net, I came across some new phrases, the scholars have compiled to describe some emotions a reader feels, ranging from funny to whimsical, which are generally hard to define.

I have tried to weave them together into poetry. Hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear your feedback. These new phrases are in bold and their meanings are at the end of the poem.

As a perfictionist, I glance

at my infinite collection of treasury,

with a feeling of shelfrighteous pride.

Passionately bookbosomed,

I carefully pick up

one among the many

from the litmosphere.

The senses breathe in

the lingering fresh scent

each crisp page emanates,

as it leaves me smellbound.

With a ravenous hunger

I plunge into her

feeling her warmth

as I turn her over.

I scrollmate with my favourite

as I am sentranced by it,

though at times guilty of readultry.

I am averse to ultracrepidarian,

epeolatry , I swear by,

for, I am an ardent bibliophagist!


Bibliophagist: a devourer of books, a voracious reader.

Perfictionist: a fiction reader with high expectations.

Shelfrighteous: a feeling of superiority about one’s bookshelf.

Bookbosomed: the habit of carrying a book at all times.

Litmosphere: the vast domain of readers and writers of the world.

Smellbound: captivated by the scent of books.

Scrollmate: an author, the reader finds a deep connection with.

Sentranced: the state of being captivated by a well written sentence.

Readultry: the act of being unfaithful to one book by reading another simultaneously.

Epeolatry: the worship of words.

Ultracrepidarian: someone who gives an opinion on things he knows nothing about.

Books – My world!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 101. Book titles! Pick one or several and tell the story behind the book title. Or tell the story about the person holding the books, in 280 characters or less.


Friends envied my collection of books which ran into thousands. Innumerable authors writing across various genres kept me busy all day long.

Books became my world since that fateful accident, that left me confined to bed for life. Maybe I was the Cursed child!

Letter count : 262.

Brave or Foolhardy?

In response to Kat’s 280 letter twittering tale # 61. The challenge this week is:


This week…a twist. The photo below by MorningbirdPhoto at features someone holding a stack of books. Now, you can write a tale about this book lover…or if you’re up for a challenge, pick one of the books and write your tale based on the title. And let’s take it up a notch if you’re really up for a challenge…choose several titles and incorporate them into your story! The possibilities are endless! I’ll see you at the roundup next week! 😊

My tale for the prompt is:

The Swiss family Robinson traveled Far North on vacation. Visiting the “Maze” at The Monster of Hollows declared the eeriest place , was on their list. Braving their fears, they went on. “Called to Die”  read the spooky signage. Clutching the Holy Bible in his pocket, he prayed!

Letter count: 276


IBMC #7- The News and Paper Challenge

Here comes challenge #7 –

You are going to pick up a news paper article. Either online or take a snapshot from the hard copy paper. Use appropriate reference for the article you have used. You need to debate and discuss your view points on the selected article. How best can you do? You can pick up any category like general, politics, entertainment, etc. Even guest columns are very much appreciated.

For more details, click here.



Swim Vs Skim

An interesting article I chanced upon to read in The Hindu, a National Daily, last weekend.  Titled “The Reading Philosophy “the writer Shruti Rao, shares her experiences with the type of reader she is, and different types of readers, that she has come across. Some who swim through a book from cover to cover, some who skim through it while others skip parts of it, yet complete reading the book. She poses the same question to us. “What type of a reader are you?”

Unlike today where we buy books by a dozen or simply read e books on kindle, buying books during my childhood days was very rare.  I was allowed to join a library only during summer vacations. I made sure to join the library on the first day of holidays and continue till the last day. I devoured books, sitting all night, reading them.

Different types of readers I have come across are, series junkies ( my daughter is a huge fan of series), literary loyalists, polygamist reader, the re readers (my son qualifies under this category 😉 ), fiction fanatics, partial reader and so on.

I can relate to the writer’s question. As a book lover, I love reading fiction but do enjoy other genres as well. I generally like to finish the book I’ve picked up. But yes, I plead guilty on a few occasions, of skipping through a few paragraphs and in some cases not being able to progress beyond a few pages of the book. Maybe I couldn’t connect with the authors view or it was at a level beyond my limited comprehension. But most times, I enjoy to swim through the book cover to cover which leaves me refreshed.

What type of a reader are you?


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