Bake Story!

Nancy’s photo challenge to post something baked.

Baking is a hobby

I often indulge in

aromas from the oven

waft, to fill in my home

with heavenly scents.

Chocolate Brownie
Chocochip vanilla cookies
Vegetable savory muffins
Banana Bread

Pc: Aditi


WPC – Layered

All of us have learnt about the caterpillar that morphs into a beautiful butterfly. It happens at its own pace and trying to hasten the process can be disastrous. Similarly life presents itself to us in multiple layers.  Its prudent not to force open them but enjoy each layer as it unfolds itself.


Daily Prompt – Disastrous


The newly bought recipe book titled “Baking for beginners placed on the bookshelf attracted my attention. The glossy pictures and the easy to bake instructions made baking look like a child’s play. Having a sweet tooth, I decided this would be a good investment to learn the art of baking and its finer nuances. Dreaming of becoming a great master chef in due course, I walked back home, proud of my purchase.

The very next day I shortlisted on a simple Vanilla sponge cake to bake. I earnestly started getting the ingredients ready. At that point the doorbell rang. I answered it and came back a few minutes later and continued with the recipe. Once done, I put the batter in the oven and waited. I was lost in the anticipation of all the adulation I would garner for my maiden attempt at baking. The bell on the timer rang , jolting me out of my reverie. I rushed to take out my masterpiece from the oven. I was shocked to see the disastrous result that came out. It was an absolute flop show. The cake had simply sunk into a hollow and cracked badly. Totally disappointed with my effort I checked the recipe book again, only to realise that when I went to attend the door bell, the page had turned in the breeze. I was totally oblivious to that and had just continued. The mix up of the proportions goofed up my cake completely!

All my family members had a hearty laugh when I narrated them my maiden tryst with baking!!


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