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At Peace!

The warm breeze carries moist salinity of the endless sea, the hues of the receding sun begins its final dance across the horizon, choreographing each movement with graceful swirls. As … Continue reading

September 14, 2021 · 68 Comments

Conversations and more…

Wispy wanderers whisper Coy crimson crushes, Nimbus nail negotiations, Stygian squabbled sopranos, Pristine persona pacifies. Ah, the myriad nuances of the Cumulus celestial conversations of clouds and its moods, can … Continue reading

July 27, 2020 · 68 Comments

Romancing the Mountains!

Pristine clouds waft at their own pace dance with the winds crooning careless whispers The mighty Himalayas sentries of the north citadel rugged and macho, stand tall their persona emits … Continue reading

June 30, 2020 · 77 Comments

Haiku – Clouds

Calm cumulus clouds chart celestial carnival cozy carousal!

July 29, 2018 · 32 Comments