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Though the pandemic is ready to celebrate its first birthday in a couple of months, it is still the topic of conversation. Life turned topsy-turvy since its arrival. The virus,  its spread, prevention and recovery analysis, social distancing, the side effects of too much digital time, mental health, immunity boosters, lock down blues, unlock phase have all dominated discussions across the globe.

A question popped up recently during one such talk we were having at home.

Thanks to the giant strides in technological progress and the global link, everything or everyone today can be virtually connected to.  Online business, work from home, virtual classrooms, zoom meetings are all trending today. Though not in physical form, things are happening across the digital platforms sans the actual joy of meeting and bonding. Life is moving on, slowly limping back on track.

Coming back to the question, what if the pandemic was born earlier, in the pre digital era, say in the 1970’s or 80’s? How would people cope with work and school? What about buying their groceries and milk? And the numerous other things which we today do online with ease.

How would man have dealt with such a situation back then?

What are your thoughts on this?  Do share!!


What inspires you?


The journey of life is all but smooth. Laden with obstacles, bitter relationships, unfavorable situations, many times life frustrates and hurts us. People, situations, health, environment and many other factors impede our progress ahead, testing our tenacity. In such a scenario we have two options. Either give in to it or bounce back resilient and strong, to continue on the path. Obviously the first option is not a great choice. So how does one exercise the second option?

Family and friend’s support means a lot in such situations. They provide a soothing balm on our bruises and help us heal and get over a problem.

But other than people, there are things which provide a cushioning, when blows strike hard on us or when we face a heart breaking situation. Be it books, music, prayers, travel, solitude, they all inspire and motivate us to persevere without giving up.

My ally or inspiration in such times has always been, drowning in some soulful music in solitude. The reflection, introspection and at times letting the tears just flow has always had a cathartic influence on me. With the cobwebs of my mind cleared, it aids in lucidity of coming to a rational decision.

So, today I would like to know, what and not who inspires you when the going gets tough?

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