A haiku poem in response to weekly poetry challenge #99 hosted by ramblings of a writer using the words Natural & Charm!


Tender swollen bud

exudes a natural charm

blossoming fragrance.


Scarlet hues whisper

desires of untold passion

entwine loving hearts.



Tanka – Charm & Time

In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #77,  Charm and Time with the condition only to use their synonyms!


Futile to resist

 spell of  magnetic allure

the hours transpire

bewitching gaze consumes me

burning in intense desire!


Colleen’s Tanka Challenge # 18- Touch & Charm


Feel and reflect on

the flickering thoughts of mind,

ravel its beauty

in a meditative trance,

drifting across the cosmos.


I have used” feel and beauty” for “touch and charm.”

In response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Poetry # 18 challenge – Charm & Touch

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