The Scribbles!

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She refused to paint the scribbled wall. “I love you Mom” stared back at her. She missed her little daughter!

Akansha’s twenty word tale prompt #31 : Colours


Angelic Beauty!

Anahitha | Cute baby girl images, Baby girl images, Cute baby girl

Empyreal crystal eyes dazzle,

A mesmerizing smile adorns the dimpled cheeks,

the pearly whites shine bright within,

black curls cascade down your charming face,

The world is enamored by your bewitching beauty,


It is the allure of your soul

radiating a pristine glow of innocence

that is truly angelic!

Twin haikus – Child & Play

In response to Ronovanwrites weekly haiku# 207 using the prompt words child and play.


Safe in mother’s arms

feeling of love envelopes

child’s haven of bliss!


Weary adults,

let the child in you be safe

keeps burden at bay!




Purple Masterpiece!


On a hot noon,

in the month of June,

I glanced on a purple crayon

as I gave out a lazy yawn.

Mom was busy with work,

so I didn’t want to be a jerk.

Looked for something to draw

the white wall was without a flaw.

I unleashed my artistic skills

which gave me a huge thrill.

As I stood back to admire my masterpiece,

Mom gave a loud shriek, breaking the peace!

I wondered, what did I do ???

In response to the daily Prompt : Purple.


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