Let’s Make Memories!

Let me revel in the joy of holding you in my arms

 capture that priceless euphoria in my heart.

Let me bask in admiring your innocent beauty

feeding and burping you, taking you out on a stroll,

serenading in your gurgles and toothless grins.

Let your unbridled laughter reverberate loud.

I promise to be patient, tolerating your naughty pranks

maybe, a small reprimand for a wrong you do.

I’ll be by your side when tears flow down,

tending to your bruised knees and scraped elbows.

Grow up to a life of endless possibilities.

Paint your world with colors of curiosity and imagination,

 catch butterflies, climb mountains and enjoy picnics.

Together, we’ll explore the fairy tales and fantasy world.

You my little darling, are the best gift to me.

So, lets weave together beautiful memories of your childhood,

before you flap your wings and soar high into the skies.

Sadje’s WDYS #87


Slow Poison!

Image credit; Cheryl Holt @ Pixabay

Two tiny angels, hand in hand

dressed pretty, picking posies

dimpled giggles, bubbling laughter

 playing naughty pranks

excited over a broken tooth,

sharing half eaten candies

discussing in all seriousness, about their bag of trinkets

frolicking merrily behind meandering butterflies.

Indulging in pure childhood joys,

oblivious of their skin colors,

they revel in a world of happiness with each other,

Until the sentinels of society

grab them with their tainted hands

feed their tender minds with malefic thoughts,

tarnish their naïve souls

with malice against each other.

With time, innocence gradually fades

distancing themselves under myopic racial scoff.

Sadje’s What do you see # 58. Does the above image inspire you to write something?

Happy Children’s Day!

Boy in Blue and White Shirt Playing Near on Body of Water With Boy in Red Shirt

While children are cute little bundles of joy, parenting in today’s times is a super challenging job. I am sure you all agree with me on that.

Watching my kids grow up, I have compiled a few random observations which I am sure apply to kids across the globe. So here they go…..

  1. They have an uncanny ability to ask the most embarrassing question at the most inappropriate time and place.
  2. They want to poop as you are half way though your lunch.
  3. Feeding them a complete meal is an achievement.
  4. Their innocent smile melts away all our anger.
  5. They forget their fights almost immediately and always have a clean slate.
  6. On a holiday you decide to wake up a little late, they are up at the crack of dawn.
  7. Their bag of questions are unending.
  8. The wall is a great canvas to showcase their artistic skills.
  9. They throw a tantrum at the most unexpected place.
  10. They never go to bed on time when you plan an outing or movie.

I am sure all of you have your own titbits to add to the above list. 🙂

Day 19 – Puppy Love!

Continuing the Valentine Special series, each day of the month, I will highlight a different facet of love in the form of a haiku. Hope you stay with me throughout this month long journey with all your support and love.


Puppy love is the feeling of love felt for each other especially during the adolescence or teenage years. It mostly is short term and fades away as they grow older. It is named Puppy love for its affection and adoration felt like that of a puppy. Here the youngster feels an intimate emotion for a person outside of the family.

Feeling of fondness

drift apart with the seasons

puppy love laid to rest.

Day 4 – Mother’s Love

Continuing the Valentine Special series, each day of the month, I will highlight a different facet of love in the form of a haiku. Hope you stay with me throughout this month long journey with all your support and love.

Love as powerful as your mother’s for you, leaves its own mark … to have been loved so deeply will give us some protection forever.” – J.K. Rowling


Hinduism says“ Matru devo bhava “, which means , Revere your mother as God.

A mother is an epitome of unconditional love. Nothing can come close to the love a mother feels for her child. A love that nourishes a seed in the womb till it grows into a full grown tree, she tirelessly strives to give a safe and secure environ for her child to grow. Her prayers, tender love and smiles work like a protective armor for the child.

Ever flowing love

an angelic miracle

heaven sent blessing.


Marks = Intelligence ?


“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein .

Jubilation, celebrations, disappointment, reprimands, humiliation and in a few cases suicide! This is pretty much the scenario in many Indian homes in the months of May and June as it is the season of results. The boards and many other competitive exams are out with the results of lakhs of students who appeared for various exams across all formats, ages and classes.

This breaking news dominates all newspapers, social media, workplaces, parties, meetings etc. The question arises, why this hullabaloo for student’s marks? Grades are just a quantitative indication of one’s performance in academics. While one should appreciate the hard work put in by children who have done well, it is equally important not to humiliate or put down the others who did not measure up to the expectations.

“ In school we learn that mistakes translates to bad grades. This unfortunate lesson gets burned into our brains, and we go through life shunning challenges that might end in failure. ” Mark Frauenfelder.

I am pained at how some schools and parents stop all other activities for their wards with the sole aim of cracking the exams with top grades for the Xth and XIIth boards. By doing so, they fail to realize that they are laying impediments in their child’s path to progress in the long term. With the prime focus only on the numbers, they ignore training the child in life skills which is so essential to deal with challenges that life throws at them. No wonder today the demand for child physiologists and counselors is on the rise, in our country.

I truly believe that marks are not the true reflection of a student’s intelligence. Is it fair to judge a student solely on his performance for the 3 hours of exam? I still can’t fathom the Indian parent’s obsession with their child to achieve a near centum in all subjects. As parents, we all want our kids to do well academically, but if his results are not top notch, it definitely is not the end of the world. Our society seems to link the grades in this crucial years to a matter of life and death.

“Grades don’t measure tenacity, courage, leadership, guts or whatever you want to call it. Teachers or any other persons in a position of authority should never tell anybody they will not succeed because they did not get all A’s in school. ” Thomas J. Stanley.

With the ever changing world, isn’t it time we changed our outlook regarding this grading system? Today there is no dearth of opportunities for a student to excel in any field.  His interest and passion for a subject can help him make a successful career out of it. As parents and teachers, it our responsibility to identify this in our kids and allow them to pursue subjects of their choice.

“A child’s mind is not a container to be filled out but rather a fire to be kindled.” Dorothea Brande .


Let’s not link our child’s worth to his mark sheet, but give him wings to soar across the beautiful horizon and charter his own path to emerge victorious!

So, do you think marks = intelligence? Would love to understand your views on this system.





Daily Prompt – Tantrum!


Mundane moments

oscillating moods

unreasonable demand

met with disapproval

emotional outburst

flaring tempers

torrential downpour

raucous screams

failed reasoning

loud tirades

time out!

Oh! it’s such a challenge

to handle children’s tantrums!

Why should we always win?

14th November is Children’s Day in India. A day to celebrate their innocence, laughter, unending banter, naughtiness and curiosity. Today let’s get that child out, laugh without a reason, forgive easily and rekindle our questioning mind! . A Happy Children’s Day to the child within all of us 🙂


I had written this post, during my early blogging days. Just felt that it was appropriate to repost it today. It is dedicated to all the wonderful and creative children who teach us a lesson or two!


Last week my 12 year old daughter and I sat down to play a game of scrabble. Read more….

Love you , Mom!

This one is a tribute to all the Moms for the unconditional love they shower on their children.

ic: uk.pinterest.com

A lonely soul I was at birth, fear of the unknown overwhelming

Cradled in the comfort of your arms, close to your bosom

Secure and welcomed, I discovered solace and love.

Nurturing me tirelessly day in and out,

Sleepless nights you spent, tending to me,

Sacrifices innumerable you made,

Taught me to walk on a straight path,

Irrespective of other curved ones,

To differentiate the right from the wrong,

Freedom you bestowed on me to explore, err, learn and grow

Today I look back with gratitude, for all that you have done.

I am, who I am today, only because of you.

Love you Mom!!


Happy Mothers Day!


Alphabet F – Fairy Tales!

A to Z Challenge


Day #07 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Once upon a time………………………and lived happily ever after!!

Haven’t we all grown up with our favourite fairy tale characters?  As tiny tots, we enjoyed being read out a fairy tale. Just like the angel in the story who turns a magic wand, we were transported into a world of fantasy! Be it the mystic charm of the old world, the huge castles, the wicked step mother, the magic potion, the handsome prince, all the tales had a magical element to it.

Fairy tales are a genre of literature. They generally take the essence and characteristics of the place where they originate. Children all across the globe have grown up listening to the innumerable fairy tales. Many of them have been enacted in school as drama, made into movies which have gone on to become block busters.


Long long ago, once upon a time,

Abracadabra, the doors opened,

far away in the mythical land,

to the kingdom of fairy tales!


A land of mysteries and magic,

gnomes and goblins,

fairies and witches,

beauty and the beast!


The alchemy of fantasy and illusion,

made a potent tale ,

which had the power to,

enchant, impress and fascinate.


In the classic figment of emotions,

the essence that ensued,

the victory of the good over the evil,

and all lived happily ever after!!


Which was your favourite fairy tale or a character from a story you loved?


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