Photography – Focusing on the Details!

Lens Artist Photo Challenge #146

This week, Patti invited us to post photos of the details from one subject ( a person, place or object) or many subjects!

My theme for the above is pictures from my kitchen escapades!!

Experimental escapades bring out a melange of flavours

some are a sensory delight, while others disappoint.

Sizzling pans, crackling spices, the whir of the blender

orchestrate a palate, to tingle the taste buds

focusing on the details, is a tested recipe for a gastronomical feast!

Some of these pictures are clicked by my daughter.

Choco chip cookies
Healthy veggie salad
Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate truffles
Summer Delight
Savory muffins




I unwrap the colourful wrapper

to catch a glimpse of the perfectly shaped

assortment of classic beauties.

The dark ones and the milky deep browns

white silky creme’s  and bitter sweet ones.

As my eyes admire its smooth texture

I can feel my mouth salivating in anticipation.

Excitedly I dig into a generous bite.

Melting in the mouth

to a tantalizing burst of flavours,

there is a deluge of  supreme rapture.

The feeling of heavenly lusciousness lingers,

the temptation to indulge in one more

of this sinfully desirous relish is overwhelming

and I meekly submit to it!




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