Random Musing – Choice!

A unique journey for each, as travelers of life.

whether we choose to crib about the withered pathway

or enjoy its fragrant delights, is a choice we make.

Sadje’s WDYS #127


Are you in the Present?

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Randy Tarampi@unsplash

The mind travels without an agenda

awakening the memories of the past, from its slumber,

hijacking our today,

 into the unknown fears of the future.

 Oscillating between the two ends of the spectrum

our “now” sacrificed at the altar of this tussle.

The key is just a simple choice we make

from the millions of moments that weave our life

lease not, your present, to yesterdays and tomorrows

for they are tenants who only add heartaches and anxieties.

In this transient world, all that matters is “Now”,

for the living in the present is the best gift to self!

Dodoggocafe’s poetry prompt : Key, travel, choices


Image credit; Adrien King @ Unsplash

Each grain of sand

gently cascades down

at its own pace,

as minutes to hours to years pass.

Since eons, till eternity

in the infinite realms of universe,

for reasons known or unknown

life happens,

without a rhyme or rhythm.


 the many sunrise and sunsets

 the dark and light

 the regrets and letting go

the improvidence and foresight

the scars and smiles

the heartbreak and love

a transformation or regression

a rise or fall,

the boundless space is consumed by

 clash of emotional encumbrance,

till realisation dawns

that between yesterday and tomorrow

the only time to be alive is today,

to make a choice

to be in the “Now”,

to free the soul,

before the last grain in the

hourglass of life

drops down

to be lost in the vast dimensions

of the sands of time.

Sadje’s What do you see # 51

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Foresight

V.J’s weekly challenge #116 : Reason

And the winner is…

photo by Kazuo ota via Unsplash

Her father wanted her to take over their family business, but every cell of Sara’s body breathed dance.

Her father gave her one chance to prove herself in her chosen field of passion.

Today, she waited back stage with bated breath along with her team, as the results of the International Dance Competitions were to be announced, would it be dance or business? 

  And the winner is …

Sonya’s 3 Line tale #239 : To write a tale in 3 lines on the above picture prompt.

Will we make the right choice?


Life’s roads, so unpredictable

a sudden brake, brings the car

to a screeching halt.

The meandering roads show

no sign of destination,

the path ahead looks eerily dark.

A glimmer of hope

peeps in through the obscure maze

tiny luminaries twinkle bright

an effulgent moonlight beams

its magical smile,

lights up the route,

for life to move on!

This poem depicts the current situation of our life. The minute virus brought life across the globe to a grinding halt. Man felt he was armored with invincibility, making forays with such advanced technology and sophisticated gadgets. It took an infinitesimal microbe to get man on his knees and make him utterly helpless.

I hope wisdom prevails and man uses his intellect to learn an invaluable lesson from this bitter experience.

While I always like to end things on a positive note, I would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you think we will mend our ways to a better tomorrow or will we tread back on the same path all over again?

The blank canvas!

photo by Ricardo Viana via Unsplash

In response to Sonya’s 3 line tale, week # 130

Mini loved her world of colours and could infuse life into any canvas with her brushes, much to the chagrin of her father, who wanted her to pursue sciences like him.

After a heated altercation with him in the morning, she came back from school, aghast to find all her paintings trampled and colors scattered all across the floor.

From then on, her life was just an insipid blank canvas, devoid of any colors or emotions.

The Doors!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #82, to write a tale on the picture prompt in 280 letters or less!


The rules of the game were simple. State your single wish and you will be lead to that door.

Or open any door to explore what it holds. It could be something beyond your wildest dreams or there could be nothing at all. The choice is entirely yours!

Ted finally made up his mind!

Letter count : 279

What would you do, if you were in Ted’s place? 🙂

How do you make a Choice?



Life throws at us a plethora of options to choose from, and we have to choose an option out of the available choices which suits us the best. It always intrigues me as to how easy or overwhelming people find it to reach a decision. It may be something simple as which flavor of ice-cream to order or what dress to wear for the party. Or a slightly more complex one, where you have two exciting job offers, and you are undecided on which one to accept?

Today there is no dearth of choice, for people to choose from.

Be it buying from the store or shopping online,

schools to seek admission for your child or the university to pursue higher studies,

plan for a holiday or the airline to fly by,

the restaurant you like to enjoy dinner or buy tickets for a show,

the brand of the latest mobile you want to buy or  the latest car you would like to own .

Life as we grew up was a simple affair as there were very limited alternatives. Either this or that. With changing times and lifestyles, there is an abundance of options. Does being inundated with choices in every aspect of life make the process of everyday decision making simpler or does it confuse you even more? Would love to know  🙂

Alphabet W – Words! Choose Them Well……

A to Z Challenge


** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts **


A to Z, the 26 letters of the alphabet. All by itself so helpless and limp. But when they join hands together, they attain a new dimension. They acquire the identity of”Words”. The power of words is so intense, that it can leave a lasting impression on the reader. They can create magic or spell doom,  be mysterious or put you in misery, make you fall in or out of love, they can lift up your spirits or push you into an abyss, they can start a revolution or help peace prevail.

Words are very powerful messengers of your thoughts. So use them wisely.

“A bullet once fired from the gun, cannot be recalled. So it is with words. “



Choose your words well for, they can build bridges for relationships to tread on

Choose your words well else, they can sever ties with the blink of an eye.

Choose your words well for, they can inspire and transform an entire nation

Choose your words well else, they can retard and thwart ones growth.

Choose your words well for, they heal and are therapeutic

Choose your words well else, they strangle and stab ones esteem.

Choose your words well for, they are the nectar to the soul

Choose your words well else, they poison the mind with a veil.

Choose your words well for, they liberate thoughts to freedom

Choose your words well else, they hold hope in captivity.

Choose your words well for, they give wings to ones fantasy to soar

Choose your words well else, they  clip one’s creative instincts.

Choose your words well for, they nourish every breath with positivity

Choose words well else, they negate the spirit of life!





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