Mystic Moonlight!

Moon, Sea, Full Moon, Light Reflections, Moonlight

The torrents of emotions

created a tempest within me.

I escaped home, to the sea

my refuge.

The darkness of the impenetrable sky,

roar of the undulating waves,

mirrored my perturbed mind.

With not a soul around,

just me,

I let the floodgates of the

incessant tears flow,

merging into the salty waters.

The scintillating  pregnant moon

appeared from behind the broody clouds,

she looked down at me with a loving smile.

Captivated by her warmth

I felt my tears dry.

Her benign radiance comforted

my emotional ripples.

The dazzle of luminous stars illuminated my heart,

serenading it, to complement the gleaming waters.

I sat there mesmerized

beneath the surface of the night,

feeling my pain being washed away


the promise of a new dawn embraced me.


Tuesday writing prompt challenge : Beneath the surface of the night

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