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Lock down has forced people to think of different ways to keep themselves creatively occupied. Be it reading, writing, cooking, a hobby, giving their home a makeover, are all on their ” to do lists” right now. Connecting back seems to be the underlying commonality between the various interests that people are pursuing. Basically they are returning to the roots, connecting better with nature, enjoying the sounds of chirps and chimes, (thanks to the absence of  the loud honks), indulging in some soul therapy, rekindling long forgotten memories and bonding with family.

Hope we continue this connect, post this testing time for us.


Dutch goes the photo prompt : Connect


Day 11 – Family love!

Continuing the Valentine Special series, each day of the month, I will highlight a different facet of love in the form of a haiku. Hope you stay with me throughout this month long journey with all your support and love.


Related by blood, but connected by love….that’s a family. Family is an incredible bond between the members woven together with layers of love, comfort, security and support. They do have their share of arguments and difference of opinion, but family is always one’s strength. The love of the family is the life’s greatest blessing!

Secure bond that weaves

an emotional connect

with pure threads of love!




Connecting back…

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #95, to write a tale within 280 characters or less on the picture.

Photo by markusspiske at

With no electricity, flooded roads and strong gales, the storm had left the town battered. Forced to stay indoors, with no connectivity, Frank was home alone with his family. Like the rain, endless conversations, games, stories flowed. He felt connected to his family after ages!

Letter count 279

Haiku – Window & Heart

Attempting twin haiku’s for the prompt.


Your birth opens the

loving window of my heart

souls connect for life!


Windows of my heart

unveil a beautiful life

when you are around!


In response to TJ’s haiku #13, window & heart.

WPC – Bridges


Let’s build bridges

to connect people

to create memories

to reduce distances

to spread smiles

to tide challenges

to foster friendship

to bury differences

to realise dreams

to love all.

Let’s join hands to build

these beautiful bridges!

Ram Jhoola, Rishikesh


IBMC#6 – The Mass Media Challenge

For more details on the challenge click here.

Today’s task is:

You are given a poem, picture and a word. You will combine all and write a post. All the three have to be interlinked in your post. They can be used in any context.

The poem:


search of skin,

color no matter,

brighter or darker,

tell no one,

I will take someone,


–  ghost, me!

The Picture:




Here is my attempt:

I came across the lake one evening at the hill station I was visiting. The twilight painted an exquisite picture across the horizon. The shades of azure, crimson and pink that splashed across the sky made it look surreal. The magical evening captivated me and I sat by the lone tree mesmerised by its beauty. I took out my diary to compose a poem on the twilight sky. Engrossed in the world of my words, suddenly I heard a rustle of leaves. I looked around but could not spot anything unusual. Thinking it must have been the wind, I continued. I heard the rustle once again. This time it was more deliberate and clearer. I looked around but again no one in sight. I now began to feel a bit uneasy. My attraction to the place was so strong that I forgot to notice, in spite of being such a scenic place, it was totally desolate. My fear got better of me, and I stood up to leave the place at once.  All of a sudden something brushed past me, and I heard an eerie voice say,


search of skin,

color no matter,

brighter or darker,

tell no one,

I will take someone,


–  ghost, me!

Ashen and panic stricken, I tried to call out for help. To my surprise no voice came out of my mouth, no matter how hard I tried. Trying to run out of that place, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Fright completely paralysing me, I collapsed there.

The shrill ringing of the telephone jolted me out. I found myself on my bed in the comfort of my room. Heaving a sigh of relief, glad that it was a nightmare, I went to attend the telephone call!


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