My wrinkles hold many memories tucked between their folds,

to be buried with me.

Today, I look into the mirror,

 proud of each scar I carry, each joy I experienced.

As the moonlight casts its lambent glow,

I smile, celebrating my journey of life.

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dVerse qaurdrille #155 : celebrate


My Life Story!

Image credit; Pisauikan@ Pixabay

The life’s mirror reflects

a face matured with the grace

glowing to the mellow radiance of sunset.

Chapped lips smile, braving the many

 harsh winters of life with courage.

Each wrinkle unfolds a story of grit and valor,

 walking on the arduous thorny cobbled trails.


The eyes reflect benign complacency

watching the seeds then sown

sprout into lush verdants.

Towering boughs spread out

as deep roots embedded with values hold them strong.

The road I chose

 didn’t bestow me much material prosperity,


my soul amassed a wealth beyond measure

my sanguine heart brims with contentment,

I lived each moment, as a celebration of life!

Sadje’s What do you see #52

Daily Prompt – Radiant


Cradling the newborn, the first time ever,

close to the bosom , snuggling,

words fail to describe the surreal moment

a surge of hormones swirling

as I look at the angelic face

in a trance, my heart melts

tears moisten the eyes,

while lips curve into a smile.

Cascading emotions tangle

euphoria, fear, anxiety , peace,

 all play together,

 a life defining moment.

Unconditional love flows

joyous smiles and well being

wished for the tiny bundle of joy

the radiant face of the new mother

narrates an overwhelming, yet contented tale!


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