Never ending questions…

Godogcafe’s Tuesday writing prompt : Pick 3 words with “w” and use it in any form of writing.

Why, where, when, which, what

a mom’s most used glossary

dialogue with kids

It is an inherent quality in mothers, the world over to worry about the welfare of their children. While it good to care about their well-being, too much of questioning irritates them and children feel stifled in such an environment.While parenting styles have undergone a  total shift today, adapting to the changing times, these questions continue to be the favorites in a mother’s vocabulary while talking to her children.

What do you think?


Conversations and more…

Wispy wanderers whisper

Coy crimson crushes,

Nimbus nail negotiations,

Stygian squabbled sopranos,

Pristine persona pacifies.

Ah, the myriad nuances of the

Cumulus celestial conversations

of clouds and its moods,

can only be appreciated

by a true nature lover!

Word count :38




Haiku – Seasonal Transformation!

New Zealand, Moss, Winter, Snow, Cold, Transition

winter hibernates

frozen conversations thaw

heralds vibrant spring


In response to Carpe Diem , exploring beauty of haiku #1826 :Juxtaposition

A challenge to write a haiku in which we use juxtaposition.

Any time unlike things bump up against each other, you can describe it as a juxtaposition.

Juxtaposition of two contrasting items is often done deliberately in writing, music, or art — in order to highlight their differences.


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