Gustatory Indulgence!

The pack of freshly baked donuts on the table,

entice me with their alluring flavors,

delighting my senses with heavenly aroma.

Classic, cinnamon and coffee work their magic on me,

 as my will power melts under their saccharine glaze.

I succumb to the temptation of a sinful indulgence.

I gently pick up one, inhaling its flavorsome redolence.

The sugary sprinkles peck my lips, with a flirtatious tease.

A bite into the soft glazed buns, leaves me in raptures.

I revel in the tantalizing effect it has on my taste buds.

Satiated, my mouth drools a dulcet harmony.

Well, I guess I am forgiven

for committing adultery with my diet plan.

It was after all, just a onetime scrumptious affair!

Sadje’s WDYS # 103

Reena’s Xploration challenge # 202


Dieter’s Dilemma


I am on a diet, cried out Anabel!

Looking at the packets on the table

Chips, cakes , candies and bagels

You see,

I am following a time table

to become fit and able

Keep me away from those labels

Lest my willpower dissolves in shambles

Oh Lord!

Please understand my dilemma!!

In response to the Daily Prompt – Dilemma

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