Are we guilty?

Ic: Senjuti Kundu @unsplash

Eyes behold prismatic dreams

giggling through innocent childhood laughter


Until, the sentinels of society

clip the creative artistry

tainting her beautiful life’s canvas

with strokes of insipid hues.


Leap of Faith!

The corporate world beckoned me with propitious propositions

with a cache of dreams, wrapped with sincere efforts

I embarked on the journey in earnest pursuit,

the promise of a bright future, calling out loud.

With time, the grooves of stress deepened

harried life style became a way of life

 work life balance, was on a precarious edge

frustrated sighs detonated to anguished screams.

Reflecting on the aftermath of an emotional detritus

I collected the scattered fragments of myself.

Infused with a renewed vigor to start afresh,

I tread on the road less traveled, with a leap of faith!

Sadje’s WDYS #86

Beyond The Comfort Zone!

Image credit; Billow 926@ Unsplash

Refusing to nestle in her

soft and cushy environs,

she cleared the veil of doubts and anxiety.

The urge to explore the world,

make a mark, an identity,

pushed her to take the road less travelled.

Balancing the tussle between can and can’t,

she filled her heart with hope and promise

as she treaded on uncharted territories.

Not afraid to falter,

she let her dreams take shape,

for she knew beyond fear and failure

was the key to success!

Sadje’s What to you see #54: How does the above picture inspire you?

V. J’s weekly challenge: Soft


3 stories this time in response to Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #37 : Dreams

Birds, Flock, Wings, Flying, Sky, Clouds

Her untimely death, shattered his dreams.


Recurrent pattern of dreams, scared him.


Complete realization dawned in his dreams. 


(The above can be read as 3 individual stories or continuation of just 1)





Poetic Me!


Caged in a literary asylum

the poetic me,

unclogs the mind

liberates brewing ideas.

A cauldron of thoughts

spill and splash all across

lie in a messy scatter

daring to explore and dream.

I wrap the idyllic musings

in a kaleidoscope of emotions.

The milieu of my thoughts

meander through tiny moments

dismantling my heart.

My quill weaves this tapestry

into a seamless blend

that seems imperfectly perfect

to echo a verse from my soul.


Shattered Dreams!

In response to

Daily prompt : Constant


secretkeeper’s weekly writing challenge #129, to use the 5 prompt words in a poem or fiction.



My dreams roughly jerked away

drifting into oblivion,

for I have to fulfil my parent’s legacy

“A family of doctors are we

and that’s what you are to be.”

my fate decided and sealed!


science is beyond my comprehension


the world of words fascinates me

I paint my characters with ease

who come alive, as I dress them

with magical verses,

A writer is who, I aspire to be


my  scarlet tears, anguished screams and earnest pleas

all fall mute to their distant ears.


My calm persona is just a facade

to hide my shattered soul

mocked and scoffed at,

helpless and hollow within,

I chalk out a plan to escape

the constant storm of tirades.


I sign a pact in the dark

with the god of death

I am sure he will welcome me,

with open arms into a world of my dreams

where only the paper and pen

will be my “soul” companion!



Live your dreams!


When the road ahead is not easy,

and challenges keep you busy,


Days spent in fear,

Nights hiding the tears,


When the shadows of failure creep,

In a chasm you are so deep,


Blurred is the vision

That needs rectification,


Fear not O Mind!

To yourself be kind.


Breathe, relax and smile,

You’ve got to travel miles.


Inhale a whiff of positive sunshine,

Exhale the negative thoughts,

Infuse a generous dose of energy,

Percolate your mind with vigour


Push yourself to realise your dreams.


Don’t be surprised if

Life is beautiful once again!

Live your dreams and be happy!



Safely tucked away in a corner

is a place where I go, on a rendezvous

where the ink spills on paper

to form a colourful image

of things close to my heart

little secrets kept safely secure

of my fears and regrets

which at times scare me hard

over which I have no control!

At other times I am invincible

scripting my own success

basking in the glory

of adulation and ovation

I love to step into my realm

of treasured moments every night

into my magical world of dreams!






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