Home is where the heart is…

Finally the long war ends, taking a toll on humanity. The brave soldier, eagerly looks forward to come back to the security of his home.

Battling a long illness successfully, the healthy man just wants to return to the comfort of home.

After the initial thrill of staying on his own at the hostel, the student feels homesick, missing his mom’s food.

A professional working in another city, lonely, wants to return to the love of his family back home.

A traveller who is on the road for a while, longs to get back to the warmth of his home.

Home may connote different things to people. It is an extension of their personality. It leaves a trail of their essence and scents. The comfort and warmth a home exudes is hard to beat. Be it a palatial abode or a small dwelling, each home is dear to those living there.

A binding foundation

reflections of emotions

define home sweet home

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Home sweet home!




The golden morning  sunshine brings in

gleaming rays of positive light

the whiff of fresh air

brings with it nature’s fragrance

the songs of the chirpy sparrows

sing a beautiful melody

the dancing blooms in the verandah

greet me with a smile

the children’s giggles and laughter

fills the rooms with an infectious mood

the aromas wafting from the kitchen

lovingly dishes out culinary delights

memories created over a life time

the pain shared together

obstacles overcome, dreams realised

bond us soundly as a unit

the feel and comfort of everything

bestows an immense sense of security

wrapped with love, care and warmth,

a humble abode, where I dwell

fills my heart with overflowing joy

making it home sweet home!


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