V- Vulnerable Visage!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I


Vintage now, but dimpled smiles, buoyant emotions, vernal appeal defined nature’s looks back then

Veil of apathy, obsession with material development blurred man’s vision, as his tryst with progress continued unabated.

Values unmoored from his soul; the intellect eclipsed by the gossamer of unsatiable greed

Variegated panorama, scarred by his brazen nonchalance, burnt to ashes

Vestige contours of her primeval allure, fading into oblivion, buried under layers of manmade detritus

Vapid soul of nature gasps for breath, as the mortal hands pierce the scalpel deeper, she sheds silent tears, as her ruptured veins bleed a slow death

Virulence must stop, with a collective pledge to reinstate her lost verdant glory, or we brace ourselves to write an epitaph, to be tombed over mankind

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