E -Endangering Nature!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I


Listen well while I tell you a story, of not so long ago.

Earth was a resplendent pristine aura of iridescent hues.

A tiara of verdant promise graced her flawless face,

she nurtured her earthlings with abundance.

The primordial man dwelled in harmony, under her benign bosom.

The passage of time, alters the rhythm of life,

greed eclipses man’s wisdom, as he dons a narcissist’s role.

Progress takes a dimension of untamed growth,

his scalpel pierces deep into her womb

 ears fall deaf to her heartrending cries.

 He stamps his carbon footprints on the planet

concretes conquer green duvets,

glaciers melt a teary deluge,

species disappear, marine creatures succumb to oil spills,

climate change makes an unwelcome entry.

Mercury exhales blazing inferno

flora and fauna wither under toxic pollutants

obscured greys and browns tint her visage

negligent dumping of plastic nauseates her

gaseous smog poisons her primeval soul.

Today she blows the bugle of warning,

for man to stop his fusillade of plunders.

Her wrath brings forth natural dissonance.

Life today is bordering on fringes of doom,

before she exhales fumes of deathly toxins.

It’s time we pay heed to those sirens

replace tainted solutions with sustainability,

 before nature’s sweet song fades away

overpowered by her screams for salvation,

until she breathes her last or we do!!

I am pained at man’s insatiable greed in plundering nature’s resources. In the name of progress, he has punctured her soul. The lockdown during the pandemic helped nature with a reset button, reclaiming her lost space and breath. We witnessed reduced air pollution, cleaner water bodies, animals and birds came out into the open, as we remained locked within our homes. This was probably the only silver lining of the pandemic.  Sadly, not much is learned from the pandemic. People and countries have gone back to their old ways. Only a handful of conscientious people are working relentlessly in conservation and restoration of our environment.

Doesn’t this teach us that if we respect the nature and its finite resources, we will be blessed with infinite blessings. It is time we pay heed to her cries, as she is all we have got.

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Will we see a better tomorrow?

Image credit; Tathanhtaun @ Pixabay

Once upon a time,

the view from my window was utopian,

verdant promises swayed beyond the lake,

sanguine blossoms wafted scented felicity.

The flux of time flits by,

man’s indomitable spirit to progress

transforms the landscape with high-rises,

clouded by a myopic vision of future.

My spectacles are befogged by the virulent grey,

I put on the rose-tinted glasses, with a prayer

that his intelligence befriends wisdom

sparing the children of tomorrow, fumes of slow poison.

Sadje’s WDYS #118

Will you ever learn?

Through the lens of the dog…

Oh Man! You are the dumbest species I have seen.

Your insensitive attitude towards your home, your planet continues to baffle me.

You build vast technology driven systems, things work at the press of a button, yet you seem to have lost the connect with your life.

The buildings you construct kiss the sky, but from above, you’ve failed to keep tab on the ground realities that are so vital for survival.

You bulldoze the greens in the name of development, failing to realize that you are axing the supply of air needed for your children tomorrow.

Money, power and expansion seems to be your only mantra, forgetting the core values of humanity.

With medical advancement, sadly the lines at hospitals have also grown longer.

Gadgets seem to control your lives, people hardly matter.

Climate change, covid, growing inequality, water shortage, increasing pollution and plastic choking all seem to attract headlines as breaking news or conclude in conclaves of world dignitaries to meet and discuss. Most times the measures to curb the problems are just on paper.

Man, why do you not learn from the catastrophes that have befallen you? I am indeed appalled at your callousness.

We animals may not be as intelligent as you are, but we are definitely wiser.

You live as if there is no tomorrow.  Hope your children don’t pay the price of your mistakes.

Oh Man, Will you ever learn?

Sadje’s WDYS #105

Endangering Earth…

In response to Brenda’s wordle #418.

Write a prose or a poem using some or all of the words given.

Global warming, rising ocean levels, climate change, water crisis, forest fires are terms that have become common parlance today. What was earlier ignorance is now over powered by man’s greed, in plundering nature’s resources for his benefit. The adverse impact of this reckless behavior is escalating to be a very alarming situation. If man continues to ravage earth’s reserves at this rate, life on this planet is definitely numbered.  The only solution lies in ending our cruelty to nature, help her reinstate her lost glory and leave behind a planet worthy of living for our children.


Plastic Poison!

Environmental Destruction, Waste, Plastic

“How much plastic is in your diet? “Glared the headline in today’s newspaper.

It says that worldwide people could be ingesting about 5g of microscopic plastic particles every week, equivalent in weight to a credit card averaging about 250 g over the course of one year.

The main sources of culprit are bottled water, beer, shellfish, packaged food and salt according to the University of Newcastle in France. Plastic particles have also been found in significant quantities in marine creatures.

Another study reveals that people in many nations eat and drink about 45000 plastic particles smaller than 130 microns annually while breathing in the same number.

More than 75% of all plastics winds up as waste being dumped into nature, polluting rivers, land and the oceans.

In the last two decades the world has produced as much plastic as during the rest of history and this trend is projected to grow at the rate of 4 % per annum.

Isn’t it shocking to read?

I remember as a kid stepping out to the market with my cloth bag, the grocer giving the provisions in paper bags, milk came in glass bottles. Almost everything was eco-friendly. People got things repaired and refilled. The concept of use and throw was alien. Though we didn’t have many luxuries and comforts to boast of, people were a happier and healthier lot.

If we want to remain healthy and save our environment we need to stop millions of tons of plastic that continue to leak into nature causing irreversible damage to all living beings and the planet.

What do you feel? I am sure many of us are doing our bit in making this planet a better place, do share it with the readers at large so that many can implement them and contribute to the cause.

Haiku – Future & Hope!

In response to Ronovanwrites haiku challenge # 228, to use the prompt words Future & Hope!

This time I have tried to provide a stark perspective to the two prompt words.

nature-845849_960_720 1

Earth dies a slow death

blinded by man’s greed, she chokes

hope for future, bleak!


Few spirited souls

champion the cause for clean earth

the future has hope!

Nature – Surreal Splendor!


An ardent lover of nature, I believe nature is a treasure trove of beauty and joy. She dazzles our senses with the feelings of awe, wonder and amazement at her sheer beauty.

The confluence of the varied facets of nature’s immense artistry is there for all to see. The wafting clouds, winding rivulets, snow-capped mountains, green meadows, glorious horizon, starlit night sky, vibrant smiling flowers, all complement and complete nature. No concrete structure however magnificent it is, can match the alluring charm of nature. To me she is all encompassing epitome of beauty.

“If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere! “Vincent Van Gogh.

Today, I will focus the spotlight on the many roles that she dons.


The gurgling brooks, the roaring thunder, the dancing winds, the gentle rainfall, humming bees, chirping birds, the undulating waves , the cascading waterfalls, trill of the insects, all her musicians play their part to perfection in creating a scintillating symphony. Truly they play an ebullient orchestra!


An artist par excellence, she paints the horizon with a riot of colors depicting her mood.  Many painters have attempted to capture her glory on canvas. From the vermilion and tangerine streaks, to the diffused hues of purple across the azure horizon, the pristine white clouds to the tar grey, the lush greens to the ochre yellows, the calm emerald blue waters to the shimmering gold, the pristine snow clad splendor to the ember autumn glow, the grandeur of the majestic mountains to the ravishing valleys, she looks radiant in all her avatars!


The confused mind, broken heart and the bruised body, all find solace under her benevolent grace. She energises and rejuvenates the body and mind.  Her tranquil and serene persona infuses an eternal calm to the seeking soul. She indeed dons the role of a therapeutic healer with élan!


O la la….. Nature loves to play cupid in many love stories. She pens a perfect script and setting for a romantic evening under the silvery moonlight and the confetti of the twinkling stars. The raindrops, snowfall and the whispering cool caress of the breeze, all kindle the amorous souls to compose beautiful poetries of love and passion.


Ever providing and giving to one and all, creating a nurturing sanctuary for dwelling, she is a boon to mankind, a celebration of existence and an elixir of life!

What is nature to you?



Sorry! But I have to call it quits!

end-3408301_960_720 (1)

It’s time we call it quits. I have come to realize that there is nothing more in this relationship for me. Though you have stood by me in thick and thin, quenched my thirst, appeased by hunger, helped me in many ways yet, I know I am being selfish when I have to break up with you. It’s just that doing this is for the greater good of all!  Making inroads into all aspects of my life, you seem to be stalking me like a shadow. While your intention is all good, you are making my life toxic. Both, my home and I are beginning to choke under your excessive interference.

I know it’ll take me a while to come out of your influence, but I am sure it will help me breathe freely and connect back to my roots. It was good while it lasted. But sorry mate, I have to bid adieu to you, Mr. PLASTIC!!

I am sure all of us are aware that plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and is literally choking our earth. Let’s switch to alternate options and ban plastic from our life as far as possible.

toxic relationship

choking us to a slow death

flush out and move on

embrace natural options

enliven environment!

( A Tanka)



images (4)

Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Cleanliness means different things to different people. Cleanliness refers not only to the way tend ourselves and our homes, but also the care we take to maintain the environment. The significance of cleanliness and hygiene cannot be overlooked by any society. Habits which are learnt at an early age get embedded into one’s personality. Let me give you an example. This incident happened many years ago, when our kids were quite young. On an outing, our son threw a chocolate wrapper which went and fell on the parapet wall. My husband was very upset with his behaviour and made him climb the wall, pick up the wrapper and put it in the bin. This incident left an indelible impression in his mind about the importance of cleanliness. Later, he was an active participant in many lake cleaning initiatives in our city. Cultivating the habit of keeping our body, homes and surroundings clean should be inculcated in children from a young age.

In India I have seen many educated people who drive big fancy cars but throw wrappers and thrash out of their windows. Why is it that our country is not clean? Why do we find litter all around us, overflowing garbage dumps on the roadside bins, paan stains on the stairs and every other corner. Why are our railway stations, public washrooms in such a sorry state? Even places like the pristine Himalayas are strewn with plastic bottles and bags. Apart from the not so pleasant picture we paint, they are also a haven for spreading of many diseases. Who is responsible for all this? Is it only the government? As citizens of this country are we not responsible to keep our surroundings clean?

Why are some of the western countries so clean? What do they do different from us, that their cities and towns are picture perfect? Let me share my experience on a trip to Europe a few years back. We traveled by road for about 3000 kms across 3 countries. Believe me, during the entire trip I did not come across any place which was dirty.  The small villages, the washrooms at public places, the stations were so clean and well maintained. I will tell you why. In Germany we were waiting outside our hotel for the bus. A lady parked her car across the road.  She had probably come back shopping, so she had many bags in her hand. As she was juggling the many bags, a paper fell from her bag. She kept her bags at the apartment lobby, came back, picked up the paper and put it in the bin. Again this taught me a very important lesson. Just as we are responsible in keeping our homes clean, every single person is equally responsible for keeping his country clean.

There is a dire need to educate and sensitize people about the importance of cleanliness. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi started an ambitious campaign of “Swachh Bharat”. The media ,social workers, educational institutes can all play a major role in this direction but above all it is we as an individual who can make a difference. Let me narrate a small story about a college girl who made a difference. Their college had gone for a picnic. After sightseeing and enjoying various games they started munching snacks and recklessly throwing the papers and plates all around. One girl among them quietly started collecting all the litter in a cover. Initially her friends started making fun of her. But she quietly went on with it. Slowly her friends felt ashamed of their behaviour and they too joined in her effort.

Gandhiji rightly said “Be the change you want to see “. Just like the girl in the story, if each of us follows this and does our bit in the keeping our surroundings clean, we can definitely paint a picture of a cleaner and greener India! An article I read last week reiterates this. Indore, a city in central India, has been declared the cleanest city in India in 2017. It was ranked at #149 in the year 2014. This year it won the cleanest city award in Swachh Survekshan. How did this turnaround happen?  Point to ponder!!

What are your views on cleanliness? Have you contributed in any way to keep your surroundings clean?




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