Transient Fame!

Image credit; Sean Robertson @Unsplash

Ruling the glamour industry

much sought after face

sashaying across the ramp

basking in all the adulation

stardom felt eternal.

Spotlight shifts focus

today, my face  is a mere poster on the wall with graffiti.

Forgotten, as tides of time change.

I try to chase the elusive limelight,

only to realize,

fame is like a sparkler

burning till the light fades


Sadje’s WDYS #90



Dusk explodes across the horizon

as the waning rays of the sun, bids adieu for the day,

 with a burst of blazing orange inferno,

as the aqua waters, drink in its feral beauty.

Standing by the silhouette of the lighthouse,

I scan the horizon till its periphery,

to absorb the beauty of this ephemeral artistry,

before the tableau of hues,

is devoured by the inky darkness.

Sadje’s WDYS prompt # 79

V. J’s weekly Challenge : Peripheral


Kevin Ku

Mired in a labyrinth,

a constant battle ensues

keeping pace with

each passing moment.

Fraught with the burden of

schedules and targets

payments and presentations

books and exams,

digital inundation,

competing with the

frenzy of the ticking clock

pressure mounts.


the emotional dam bursts,

 a deluge of chaos transpires.


time lures us

into its deceptive loop.

Life shrinks

as # deadline is trending now!

Reena’s exploration challenge #156

The Soul!

Once upon a time, billions of eons ago

it all started with a speck.

The vast expanse beyond the cerulean skies

embraced within it

 infinite planets, galaxies and milky ways.

It intrigued and fascinated

Astronomers and Astrologers alike,

who postulated many theories.

The spiritual seeker,

ruminated on the realms of the cosmos

 to question our very existence

in this vast evolutionary journey,

to fathom its aura of cryptic mysticism.

Seeking divine guidance,

from the abundant energy of the universe

finally realising that  

the body and the paraphernalia

is just ephemeral,

the real truth is our inner core,

the soul.

V. J’s weekly challenge #113 : How it all started

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Cosmos

A matter of perspective!

In between the first cry

and the last breath

we live our lives,

dominate the earth.

It appears

long enough to be termed

a life time!

 The wider picture seen

from the infinite cosmic universe

changes perspectives.

Eras shrink to insignificance,

only to realise,

In the end,

we were just a moment!

Godoggocafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt :Write a piece of prose or poetry that ends with,” in the end, we were just a moment.

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