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voices her opinion loud, against her dwarfed rights

  turns deaf to societal charades, with a whispered sigh

 gives wings to her crumpled dreams, to reach the pinnacle

fights a daily battle against unseen and unsaid rules

frees her imprisoned longings, with her head held high

 adorns a resilient avatar, with her tenacious spirit

proudly wears her tiara, despite the many scars.

Her life is a collage of challenges, a different set each time.

She expertly sews the many patches of her life

into a beautiful quilt, 

signed with the motifs of her victories!

All she only wants is,

freedom to celebrate herself, to be who she is!!

Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing women here!


Alphabet G – Girl

A to Z Challenge


Day #08 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Dear Men,

I am so proud to be a girl!

I dream, hope and aspire to be an equal

Do not label me a goddess,

all I ask is respect and dignity.

Always love to walk beside you, but at times

if I am a little ahead of you,

do not pull me back.

We are both faces of a coin

neither of us superior nor inferior.

Don’t strangle my dreams

or force your might on me.

Allow me to flap my wings

and soar into the open sky.

I may be a mother, daughter,

sister, a wife and a friend.

Each role in life, I essay

with perfect harmony.

I want to complement you

and not compete with you.

Don’t be threatened by me

I only want to walk along with you!


Yours sincerely,

A Girl

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