Magic of Books!

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Pages of a book flutter, in the tiny hands,

letting him peek into a world beyond imagination.

Piquing the tender mind’s curiosity,

books present a palatable platter for every age.

The kaleidoscopic web of enticing genre,

 churn a potent alchemy of awe and learning,

captivating the reader, conjuring a riveting spell.

Their magical potion works like a charm,

kindling a happy lifelong friendship with books!

Sadje’s WDYS #139


Alphabet F – Fairy Tales!

A to Z Challenge


Day #07 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Once upon a time………………………and lived happily ever after!!

Haven’t we all grown up with our favourite fairy tale characters?  As tiny tots, we enjoyed being read out a fairy tale. Just like the angel in the story who turns a magic wand, we were transported into a world of fantasy! Be it the mystic charm of the old world, the huge castles, the wicked step mother, the magic potion, the handsome prince, all the tales had a magical element to it.

Fairy tales are a genre of literature. They generally take the essence and characteristics of the place where they originate. Children all across the globe have grown up listening to the innumerable fairy tales. Many of them have been enacted in school as drama, made into movies which have gone on to become block busters.


Long long ago, once upon a time,

Abracadabra, the doors opened,

far away in the mythical land,

to the kingdom of fairy tales!


A land of mysteries and magic,

gnomes and goblins,

fairies and witches,

beauty and the beast!


The alchemy of fantasy and illusion,

made a potent tale ,

which had the power to,

enchant, impress and fascinate.


In the classic figment of emotions,

the essence that ensued,

the victory of the good over the evil,

and all lived happily ever after!!


Which was your favourite fairy tale or a character from a story you loved?


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