Where is the festive spirit?

In response to Eugenia’s ( BrewNSpewCafe ) writing challenge : Festive

Sweets, Indian Sweets, South Indian Sweets

The booming economy and changing times

have diluted the essence of celebrations.

Festivals, which reflected cultural tradition

today is more about flaunting riches.

The warmth of cohesive affability is

replaced by instant gratification.

Instagram is bombarded with

pictures of the pomp and grandeur displayed.

Fragrance and bonhomie of the festive spirit

sadly, remains obscure and scattered.


Happy Holi!

A Nonet for Holi!

(Nonet (9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1) progression downward of syllables)


The spring ushers in festive spirits

 vibrant blooms sway to the zephyr

tangerine, crimson or blue

a riot of colors

forgetting their woes

all come alive




Wishing all my blogger friends a very Happy Holi ❤ !


होली – Holi


पेड़ो पर नयी पत्तिया अंकुरित होते है

नन्ही कालिया खिलती है, कोयल की कूक गूंजती अम्बुआ में

नयी बहार नयी उमंगो के साथ फागुन ले आया होली की सौगात

रंगों की इंद्रधनुष सजाती है चित्र सुनहरा

मानो चित्रकार ने सारा शहर गुलाल से रंग दिया हो

होलिका दहन के साथ जला  दी बुराई , प्यार और श्रद्धा को गले लगाया

भेद भाव सब  भुला, गिलेशिकवे  सारे माफ़ कर,

हर्ष और उल्लाहस के साथ सब मिलझुल कर खेले होली

नाच, गाना, मिठाइयों के बीच , बच्चे , बूढ़े सब झूमे

पिचकारी संग भिगो या गुब्बारे

यह है त्यौहार रंगों का, खुशियो का, आओ खेले होली !

आप सब को होली ही हार्दिक शुभ कामनायें!!


The trees sprout new leaves, the tender buds blossom,

The cuckoo’s singing echoes in the mango orchards

With new glory and exhultaion, spring ushers in the gift of Holi

The rainbow of colours paint a beautiful picture

As if an artist has painted the town with different hues

We burn all evil with Holika dahan and embrace love and faith

The discrimination wiped clean and differences forgiven

With joy and merriment people play holi

Music, dance and sweets enjoyed by young and old

As they get drenched with pichkari* or balloons

This is a festival of colours and happiness.

Come let’s play holi!

Wishing you a Happy and Colourful Holi!

*water gun


Let’s have a Happy Diwali

A time to rejoice and celebrate,

families gather, over a lavish feast.

Array of flowers, lanterns and colourful rangoli,

lamps  brighten the autumn night,

welcoming the goddess of wealth

mirth, gaiety and splendour

echo all around the country side!

The night sky bursts into sparkling glitter,

the air reverberates with the sounds  of the crackers .

Amid the joyous spirit and prayers,

where the good triumphs over the evil,

let’s burn our egos and embrace humility.

Let’s pause to see those woe filled faces,

for whom life is yet another dark night

without laughter or light,

let’s pledge to bring smiles to their faces.

Let’s remember to offer a sincere prayer

for all those soldiers away from their families

on this festive night and so many other nights.

Let’s learn from the lamp we light this Diwali

to radiate cheer all around us and brighten lives.

Let’s be the reason for someone’s smile,

Let’s be the hand to feed a hungry soul,

Let humanity and gratitude be the new mantra of

A happy Diwali!



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