Photography – Interesting Objects!

This week Patti from Lens Artist Challenge #182, invites us to post pictures of interesting objects.

Life at times amuses us with very interesting things, perspectives, formations or man made creations. If we pause to look around, we will find a plethora of unusual objects around us from our everyday life or travels, that pique our interest.

Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph, not searching for unusual subject matter but making the common place unusual. ” Edward Weston.

I have brought together a few clicks from my archives which catch the eye with their fascinating allure.

These natural boulders seem to have perfected the balancing act with élan.

The creation above and below both were clicked at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India. What story, was the artist trying to convey here? Would love to know what you think of them.

A glass artist at work, in the process of creating a spectacular piece!

The famous bronze statue by Gerhard Marcks depicting the “Town Musicians ” located in Bremen, Germany. It was erected in 1953.

Such an inviting seating…at a café in Goa!

Sumptuous soup… The Italian Bread Bowl!

My son’s creative creation before taking it across for the food stall, at the school’s annual carnival!

Photography – Orange

You paint the horizon with your benign warmth,

 fill in a burst of sunshine, to delight the tropical hues,

mandarin, marmalade, peach or tangerine,

you reflect a perfect glow across the color spectrum.

Jude’s photo challenge : Orange

Triple Haiku – Fire & Ire

In response to Ronovanwrites prompt #200, Fire and Ire


Fire breathes havoc

ashes, a testimony

of its wild ire!


The indignation

sparks fire in the belly

 a rebel upsurge!


Amorous rage burns

night whets passionate fire

scarlet embers glow!




The Inferno!

ic:NY best selling books

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 69  . The challenge is : “This week, bringing back a stack of book titles for our challenge. Pick one title…or a few or all and tell me the story behind the words in 280 characters or less. See you at the roundup next week. Happy reading and writing! Have a great week!”

My take on the prompt:

Initially a small flickering flame, the fire soon developed into a raging inferno, blazing with all its fury, sparing none in its path, hungry, fiery, intense, exploding, scorching, on a rampage, choking the air, bellowing dark smoke in fifty shades of grey!

Letter count : 256

WPC – Elemental

The five elements of earth create a perfect symphony. Air, water, fire, earth and ether all play their parts to perfection in the nature’s musical orchestra. Their tempos vary depending on their moods. At times they are gentle and soft caressing the soul to a tranquil bliss. But when nature’s ire is provoked, it unleashes a tempest, the sound of which sends shivers down the entire mankind.

Let’s respect nature’s benevolence and enjoy its soulful and rejuvenating musical show!









Faces of Water

Draped in a sheer white satin robe

gushing down with vigour and zest

the grandeur of its portrait so magnificent

behold the boundless beauty of the waterfall.


A curvy brook flowing through the forest

when it adorns a placid and quiet demeanour

it’s balletic nimble flow with a gurgling sound

casts a spell of serenity.


At times it unveils it’s most dreaded face

it’s  wrath and fury spare none

the ire of it’s gigantic waves and deluge

inundates all without pardon.


It can sedate the fieriest of fires

a long drawn battle at times

between its dynamism and the blazing flames

finally, it’s all powerful nature prevails.


When the soft rays of dawn

touch the turquoise blue water

it’s pristine water mirrors an image so pure

it turns reflective and slips into meditative bliss.

Image courtesy : google

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