Exercise with love…


Breathe consciously.

Stretch yourself to accomplish a challenge.

Walk the talk. Connect with family and friends more often.

Step away from people who spread negativity.

Bend to reach out to the lesser privileged.

Jump up at opportunities life throws your way.

Jog down the wistful nostalgic road.

Sprint far from temptations.

Train to face adversity with fortitude.

Run along with a smile.

Hop to keep the child in you alive.

Amble amidst nature to rejuvenate.

Pause to say a prayer of gratitude!


Day 24 -Love for one’s health!

Continuing the valentine’s special series, here is today’s post.



Our body is an amazing machinery that we are blessed with, still many of us choose to ignore its upkeep. No machine can be more complex than it. Yet we abuse it with erratic habits, deluge of junk and a lifestyle full of stress.  For our body to run efficiently till it reaches its final destination, it is imperative we love and respect our body immensely, invest wisely in it in the form of healthy diet, active lifestyle, exercise regime and positive vibes. It is bound to reward us with a happy and healthy life.

Respect your body

perfect the balancing act

raise a toast to health



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