The Deal!

In response to Fffaw challenge # 191, to write a short fiction in 100- 150 words (+/- 25) based on the picture prompt given below.


Mrs. Briganza watched with moist eyes as her home of 70 years was pulled down to build a swanky new building. Coming here after marriage as a young bride, she had many fond memories of her children growing up. Then the children left for foreign shores to pursue higher education. Their initial annual visits to her house became a rarity with time.  Now as a frail old lady she was all alone.

The initial joy on receiving a call from her son after years was short lived, when she found out the real reason behind it. With the recession hitting hard, they now demanded that their mother sell the house to bail them through the financial crisis.  They were to visit her soon to settle the property deal with the real estate agent and move their mother to an old age home.

But, Mrs. Briganza had other plans. She sold the property before their arrival and donated the proceeds to charity.

162 words


The Shadow Artist!


Today Rahul is one of India’s leading shadow artist. Yes, you heard it right! His show “ Shadow Tales” is making waves throughout the world. Rahul had always been inclined towards creativity since a young age.

It all started a decade back .Just out of college, he was on a flight seated next to his little sister. To keep her amused he started creating shadows of different shapes with his hands, weaving them into a story. He fell in love with what he did. That’s when the thought struck him. He decided to become a shadow artist. It did take him a while to convince his parents, about his unusual choice of profession.

There has been no looking back since then. Today his shows run to a packed house. He creates musicals bringing his shadows to life, to a thundering applause!

Wc: 142 words

Written as part of # 131, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The challenge is to write a flash fiction story in around 150 words, based on the weekly photo prompt. Thanks as always to the challenge host Priceless Joy. For more information visit HERE.

In Love with Numbers!

js brand
ic:J.S. Brand

Write a story in 100-150  (+/- 25 ) words on the picture prompt given. Challenge hosted by Priceless Joy

Time just flies isn’t it? The day is etched so vividly in my memory. The first time I brought my son here when he was just a toddler of two. These steps and I together taught him to count numbers. We would jump on to each step and call out the number. My son was so fascinated and happy to be here and learn his numbers, that it became an everyday ritual for us. Addition, subtraction and different concepts, we learnt it all together! He fell in love with numbers and became adept at it. When he started school he was far ahead of the other boys and girls of his class. We continued this ritual without fail during his holidays.

Today many seasons later, he reached the pinnacle of his ascent, when he received the Fields Medal ( equivalent to Nobel) , for his outstanding contribution in the field of Mathematics. Standing here today, I am a proud father reminiscing nostalgic moments!

Word count: 161

The Dance!


Today,  the frail Mark and Melinda celebrated five decades of love and togetherness with the same music as they danced on their wedding night!

Wc: 140 characters

In response to Twiterring tale # 40, hosted by Kat of Tell a story on the given prompt in 140 characters or less.


The Last Shoot!

ic: Kecia Spartin

In response to FFAW Challenge # 122 hosted by Priceless Joy

Write a story for the above prompt photo in 100 – 150 words (+ – 25).

Here is my story:

Raj and Jai moved into the cottage away from the maddening city crowd. Both were veteran wildlife photographers and found the cottage close to the jungle perfect for their work. Both of them were excited about the new series they were working on, for the Wildlife channel.

They had worked on many projects together. This was their last one, after which Raj was moving to the US to join his son.

The next morning, Raj woke up early to saunter around the place. The earthy smell of the forest, the leaf carpeted path, calls of the animals echoing, he found the beauty of the forest comforting . He was at peace with himself.

Raj’s bloodcurdling scream shattered the peace of the morning. Rushing out Jai saw Raj lying at a short distance from the house. Sprinting across, he saw a venomous reptile slither away into the bushes.

If only they had listened to the local, who had forewarned them not to stay in that cottage, as it was haunted!

Wc: 169 words


The last meal!

Photo by Tyler Hendy at

The doctor had given up all hope on her ailing child. The mother brought her son out for dinner, probably  their last meal together!


Wc: 133 characters

In response to Twiterring tale # 35, hosted by Kat of . Tell a story on the given prompt in 140 characters or less.

Night at the Jungle!

pic courtesy: Pamela S. Canepa


The group of trekkers had a long day at the jungle. As dusk was setting in, they were in a hurry to get back to the camp before night fall. They had heard chilling tales about trekkers becoming a feast for the hungry jungle beasts. As they were scurrying along the path, Matt slipped on the mossy boulder. With excruciating pain he wobbled along to the nearest stone and sat down. On examining his ankle, which had swollen considerably, his friends deduced that it was a fracture and there was no way he could walk back to the camp. His friends made him sit under a tree promising to get help, as night began to envelope the sky.

Wc :118 words

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers ( 100 – 150 words) based on the weeks prompt. Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the challenge.


Reflection in solitude

pic: Ales Krivec

In response to‘s

What 100 words would you give this image?

Caught in the melee of life and the mess her relationship with Nick was, Anna decided to break away from the chaos surrounding her, to reflect on her problems and her feelings for Nick. Packing her bags, she drove to the place where she often went as a child, with her parents. Anna sat by the silvery lake reflecting the calmness of the placid surroundings. Except for the gentle breeze and an occasional chirp of a bird, no sound rang from the glittering horizon. Amidst nature, in solitude, Anna decluttered her thoughts. She rose with a smile ready to head back.

Wc: 101 words

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