Haiku – Floral Nirvana!

From murky waters

pristine serenity blooms

 peaceful refulgence

Fragrant poetry

ochre blush on ivory

aesthetic rapture



From the rain drenched mud

rises a tiny bud,

its dormant beauty, encased within layers of green.

Radiant rays caress, prod it gently,

dewy drops, sprinkle showers of misty scents.

With a slow yawn, it awakens from its dreamy slumber

as the sounds of dawn play in chorus.

It unfurls its white silky petals

soaks in, the hues of a pastel palette,

sways to the balmy breeze, a lilac blush,

diffusing its ethereal fragrance.

Abloom, what a cheerful splendor!

Inspired by the lovely blooms in my pot!

WPC – I’d rather be…

I’d rather be a flower

not in competition with anyone,

to blossom at my own pace,

brightening life with my vibrant hues

as I unfurl my petals

diffusing a scented fragrance

bringing in smiles and happiness

hope, love and peace across

territories and relationships!

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WPC – Layered

All of us have learnt about the caterpillar that morphs into a beautiful butterfly. It happens at its own pace and trying to hasten the process can be disastrous. Similarly life presents itself to us in multiple layers.  Its prudent not to force open them but enjoy each layer as it unfolds itself.


Tanka Poetry # 2 – Blossom


As the tender buds

so delicately woven

unfurls its petals,

A floral blushing beauty,

Magical sight to behold!

Tanka is a poetry form which originated in Japan more than 13 centuries ago. In its purest form, tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions of love, self-reflection, and gratitude. It contains five lines and 31 syllables in the form of 5-7-5-7-7.




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