Haiku – Eclectic Bouquet!

Litany of blooms
an aesthetic redolence
spirited ballet


F- Floral Tapestry!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

The parade of swaying blossoms always gladdens the heart. Irrespective of their size, color or shape, they are pretty sights to behold. The swollen buds, unfurl exquisite symmetry of petals interwoven with delicate grace. They infuse the air around with their sublime fragrance. Be it in a pot, a well curated garden or the wilderness, flowers bring untold bliss, by their mere presence.

I live in a city surrounded by ever growing concrete structures. The smoky polluted air often dampens my mood and spirits. But when I walk into my balcony, the motley of hues welcome me with a charming smile. I feel their spirited embrace envelope me, lifting up my spirits instantly. They enliven the otherwise insipid surroundings.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change” – Buddha

Floral tapestry

a rich redolent promise

beatitude mood

Earth laughs in flowers – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Flowers radiate mirth and connects with the soul. In their short-lived life, they bring joy to our heart, infusing us with their intoxicating perfume. Holding a bunch of flowers and inhaling their divine fragrance, is all that is needed brighten our mood. Nature blesses us with many such joys. From the humdrum mundanity of, all we need to do is pause for a few minutes, hear these seraphic beauties speak in scented whispers and feel the gentle waft of happiness come our way.

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Photography – Orange

You paint the horizon with your benign warmth,

 fill in a burst of sunshine, to delight the tropical hues,

mandarin, marmalade, peach or tangerine,

you reflect a perfect glow across the color spectrum.

Jude’s photo challenge : Orange

Random Musings – Bouquet!

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Bouquet

A journey from bud to blossom

and finally, to a wilted eternal slumber,

mirrors man’s story on this planet.

Whether we choose to lament about the prickly thorns

Or admire the fragrant beauty of the blooms,

The choice is ours.

After all, Life is a bouquet of experiences!

Enlightening Beauties!

I sit by the lake for hours watching

nature’s exquisite craftsmanship

that rise from the murky waters

yet, are a flawless blossom.

The myriad petals unfurl

 in synchronized poise,

with nimble balletic grace.

The floating beauties cast a spell,

intoxicating me in sensory rapture,

infusing a serene aura around.

It triggers a contemplative thought

as an enlightening moment dawns.

Despite the flawed exteriors

real beauty emanates from within.

I do away with the urge to focus on the external,

 indulge in cleansing my soul,

feeding it with bountiful fill of zen .

Sadje’s WDYS # 68

V. J’s weekly challenge : Urge

Lessons to be learnt…


We the flowers come in a

myriad hues, making us special.

Our fragrance, rarity or looks

further enhance our beauty.

Never do we compete

with one another but

complement and complete

each other, holding hands.

Be it at the altar or in a bouquet,

at the shrine or a festival.

At the garden swaying

in harmony to the

gentle breeze and admiring glances,

we infuse happiness and smiles

across the miles!

I often ponder, that there is so much for us to learn from these pretty flowers. Some are wild, some so delicate, some are short lived while some stay bloomed for months, the fragrance of some mesmerize while some others are an epitome of beauty. Each one so unique and beautiful in their own way and yet all of them, so happy with their “being”, without an iota of envy creeping in.

They seem to be the perfect example of unity and beauty in diversity.

Then why is Man, the most intelligent species, always competing with each other to be one up? Why does he fail to learn from all other components of nature who live in perfect harmony?

Are we really the most intelligent?

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