Before it is too late….

Richa’s Freedom of expression challenge : Revival

Cyclone, Forward, Hurricane, Storm, Clouds

Mother earth asphyxiates

held captive in her own home

chained to the callous attitude of man

crumbling under the debris of plastic

gasping for a breath of fresh air

her shrunken and wrinkled beauty

a glaring testimony ,

to her ailing symptoms.

Its time we hear her cries ,

heal her body and revive her soul,

before she succumbs,

annihilating life!



In response to’s Freedom of Expression challenge week 23, ” ART “!


laughter and tears, heaven and hell

black and white, love and hatred

beauty and the beast, simple and complex

abstract and real, faith and doubt

There is a seamless blend of

thoughts and words , paper and colors

lyrics and melody, grist and hands

threads and the loom , ingredients and dishes

to weave a creative masterpiece of Art!



IMG_20181225_122311 (1)





Memories Unplugged!

In response to Isciblr’s Freedom of Expression Challenge : MEMORIES


Fond recollections envelope,

casts an enchanting spell,

fragrance of happy times waft

from the carefree childhood days.

Tender feet scampering

behind the meandering butterflies

revelling in the cuckoo’s melody

idyllic afternoons lazing in the orchards

echoes of the never ending banter

playful dreams of the little minds

partners in crime, in the naughty pranks

tricks and treats, bruised knees,

messy shirts privy to the artistic strokes

books and games being the best buddies

secret whispers in hushed tones

the sob stories and the impish grin

a collage of trinkets secretly stashed,

happiness was never scarce as

tiny delights ruled the roost.


as I walk down those lanes,

the beautiful scattered flowers

infuse a scent of reminiscence

of memories unplugged

filled with wistful nostalgia.

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